Best dating place in singapore

  • 38 creative date ideas to shake up the usual dinner-and-movie date night routine
  • Singapore’s romantic spots: hotels, restaurants, bars and museums for the perfect date
  • 12 most romantic places to bring your date in Singapore
  • 25 Places To Visit in Singapore For Couples: Ultimate List of Romantic Places in Singapore
  • The 10 Best Secret Dating Spots in Singapore
  • New Date Ideas: 10 Unusual But Fun Spots To Try In Singapore
  • The 10 Best Secret Dating Spots in Singapore
  • 12 most romantic places to bring your date in Singapore

Read on, lovers! For the rugged, outdoorsy couple. This picturesque hectare park is home to more than 80 species of feathered creatures including Baya Weavers, the Oriental Magpie-robin and parakeets, making it perfect for a day of bird-watching. Want to get a bit more active? Take a hike around Coney Island Park , on a bicycle or on foot.

38 creative date ideas to shake up the usual dinner-and-movie date night routine

Dates can be challenging. I mean, there are only so many movies and luxurious dinners you can go to with your other half before getting bored. Still, let it not be said that Singapore is boring — far from it, if you look hard enough! Lovers of both food and nature will adore the lush foliage surrounding Open Farm Community OFC , a charming greenhouse-styled restaurant that will make the two of you feel as though you are dining in the middle of a farm in Perth. Its sprawling premises house an edible garden, an alfresco area that looks magical in the evening, by the way , a play area and a retail shop.[rs_table_products tableName=”Best Dating Websites”]

OFC regularly holds workshops, farming events and recreational activities for adults and children alike. Caught fishes, such as snapper or seabass, can be cooked in a variety of ways. The meat is so fresh and tender, it melts off the bone. Fun and unconventional, your date will remember this day for a long time.

Fancy channeling your inner Vin Diesel, Fast and Furious-style? You and your date get to saddle up for an afternoon of fun horse-riding if you sign up for a semi-private lesson for two. Not a fan of riding? Round up your British adventure by heading for an afternoon tea of scones and sandwiches after that. Walking on sunshine zwceleste whatoldcouplesdo.

Get lost with your date at this whimsical spot. Make a day trip out of it: The rest of the park is worthy of an exploration as well. Missing the Onsen back in Japan? Hinoki wood is known to soothe skin sensitivity and relieve muscle tension. Try it for yourself at Ikeda Spa. Find out more with the link in bio. A post shared by Ikeda Spa ikedaspa on Aug 26, at 6: After a long week at work, sometimes the best way to spend the weekend is to simply unwind.

Try Ikeda Spa, which prides itself on offering an authentic Japanese spa experience. Paddling down the scenic Amazon River and exploring the diverse ecosystem of its surrounding jungle might seem like a dream, but your bank account might disagree. Follow an experienced guide as you navigate through the tranquil mangroves and see if you and your partner can spot some cool wildlife such as kingfishers, hornbills and even otters! A post shared by Weihan hanyoweihan on Aug 25, at 9: The best part?

Thinking of booking a hotel for a staycay with your partner? We say nay. But the experience is no less exciting. Learn all about plane controls and get a feel of how to fly a plane at this flight school. Bucket list — checked. By signing up, you indicate that you have read and agreed to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Your favourite magazines, all in one place.

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Given its iconic location in Marina Bay, it is a great place to visit in Singapore for Club in Singapore and surely one of the best dating places in Singapore. If your special day is coming up, find the perfect place for it! a list of 12 of the most romantic places in Singapore to make that date a memorable one. What I like best about it is the spectacular view on a clear night.

After all, being a small country, it often means that we have limited things to do. No significant other? Round up your friends for these activities — why not?

From an amorous rendezvous at a luxury spa to a secluded floating restaurant, Culture Trip has come up with a seductive list of secret dating spots in Singapore for you and your partner to enjoy. Stimulate your senses and fall in love all over again at these 10 best secret dating spots in Singapore.

Who says Singapore is boring? We’re anything but, especially if you’re in-the-know about what to do and where to go. So we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up out-of-the-ordinary date ideas around town that have nothing to do with your usual dinner-and-movie or dinner-and-drinks combo.

12 most romantic places to bring your date in Singapore

Ever had an uninterrupted date night with your significant other? Sick of having that random stranger that seems to come by and ruin the perfect date moment ever so often? Drop by these quiet places in Singapore on your next date night and save yourself the frustration! The pathway towards The Float Marina Bay in particular, is a popular spot among couples who want a quiet er place for date night. Besides sitting and chilling by the serene river while gazing at the breathtaking Singapore skyline, you can also choose to stroll towards the Helix Bridge. Having your significant other by your side will amplify that feeling.

25 Places To Visit in Singapore For Couples: Ultimate List of Romantic Places in Singapore

I know many people who whine about how boring Singapore is. From those who have not seen our ” 52 Things to do in Singapore ” list boo!! It’s always the same old places, same old food and same old activities year in year out. The point of this list is to feature 12 of the most romantic places in Singapore. Whether its to add a little more spice to your relationship or to find somewhere in Singapore perfect for celebrating that special moment or anniversary. But if you can look past how commercialised some of them are, they actually make for a terrific time. After reading this, I hope you’ll never be at lost again when choosing that special spot for your special someone in Singapore. Picture Credit:

Dates can be challenging.

India’s highest rated travel app 4. Places to visit in Singapore.

The 10 Best Secret Dating Spots in Singapore

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to museums here. Catch the latest Hollywood releases and all-time classics on the big screen like they used to do. All you have to do is show up with your picnic mats, popcorn and each other. No doubt, Esplanade is a star when it comes to date locations. From its romantic waterfront space to its spacious outdoor theatre, there’s always something to do here. Nothing like fresh air and picturesque views. Smell the flowers as you walk through the majestic, gargantuan gardens surrounded by exotic foliage. Take it from us, it’s even more romantic comes evening when the Super Grove light show is on. The MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk takes you through a mature forest and concludes with a m suspension bridge perched 25m above ground. Alternatively, you can take it uphill at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve , or surround yourselves with the flora and fauna of the Kranji Marshes. Put on your best beachwear for some sea, sand and sun.

New Date Ideas: 10 Unusual But Fun Spots To Try In Singapore

If renting a whole yacht for a romantic evening is way too extravagant for you, settle for a floating donut instead. Plus, it comes with dinner and views as well. Cruise around the Marina Bay area on a floating donut while you sip on cold beer and tuck into fresh seafood. And if you’re worried about the sun, there’s even UV sun shades to protect you from the hot, hot, heat. Now you can officially say that you’ve walked through hell with your date at Haw Par Villa. If your partner loves all things kooky, a trip and stroll through the theme park of horrors would be a good bonding activity. Multicoloured statues and tableaux — some looking rather neglected— depict scenes from Chinese history and mythology.

The 10 Best Secret Dating Spots in Singapore

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12 most romantic places to bring your date in Singapore

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