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I am reposting this from Allison Armstrong , a happily married woman and relationship coach whom I think is absolutely brilliant! The next words are hers. Please share your comments any time! While the questions may not seem special to you, the responses we have received from men have been extraordinarily enlightening.

Christian online dating questions

The beloved model in the book of Titus is that older women should teach younger women how to live and love. But that model is sometimes difficult to achieve. In reality, the teaching and learning amongst women in the church does not always meet our anticipations, does it? All relationships — including mentoring relationships — require time, effort, and a certain amount of chemistry to develop and thrive.[rs_table_products tableName=”Best Dating Websites”]

If a younger woman is to learn from an older woman, she must know what to observe, remember, and implement in her daily life. Some of the questions are autobiographical, others are advice-driven. We can learn a great deal from each other if, over time, we discover how we have lived, what God has done in our lives, and what we have learned. For printing purposes, I chose 25 of those Questions into a free printable that you may download, print, and use in your own mentoring relationships.

How can women learn to live godly, Christian lives? Scripture tells us that we are to teach one another. If an older woman is to teach a younger woman, she must feel equipped for the task. How do they glean such gold from these godly women? I wondered. What is your salvation story? Tell me about your relationship with the Lord? What role does prayer have in your life?

When and how do you read the Word of God? What have you been learning from the Word lately? What have you been praying about lately? Who are your closest friends? What keeps you close to one another? Have you ever had disagreements or tension with friends? How did you navigate that? What brought peace? How have you responded to jealousy over the years? Have you ever been jealous of someone else? Has someone else ever been jealous of you?

What is your favorite hymn? What is your favorite verse from the Bible? Do you have a hero? Who is it? What is your favorite book? Have you ever endured a personal tragedy? Tell me about it. How did you survive? What did you learn about God through it? What Scripture helped — or helps — you to survive tragedy or crisis? What is the best thing a woman can do in the midst of suffering? What must a woman believe in the midst of suffering?

Have you ever walked with someone else through a season of suffering? How did you love and serve them best? What are the most helpful things a woman can do to care for a suffering person? How can a woman love a lonely person? What have you learned from that experience? Times when you struggled with disappointment or doubt? What do you miss about the past?

If you could rewind your life, is there anything you would change? What role has church played in your life? What are your best memories of the local church? How did you — or do you — serve in your local church? What are some of the ways a woman can bless her local church and help it to thrive? Where do you live now? What is your home like? What have you learned about hospitality over the years? How can a woman make her guests feel valued? What are your best tips in inviting guests, preparing food, preparing your home, and investing attention in guests?

Have you ever interacted with international people? What are your experiences? How can a woman reach out and serve international people who are living in the same community? What have you learned about loving people who are different than you are? What type of hospitality do you like to extend? Why has this worked well for you? What is your favorite food to serve others in your home?

Are you or were you ever married? Tell me all about it! How did you meet your spouse? How can a woman maintain a great relationship with her husband? How can a woman love her husband? How can a woman respect her husband? How can a woman help her husband? How can a woman pray for her husband? What is the most important thing a woman can do to bless her husband and build her marriage? What is the biggest waste of time in marriage? What is the biggest deterrent to marriage?

Are you a mother? Who are your children? How old are they now and what are their lives like? What were the best things you did when your children were young? What were the best things you did when your children were teenagers? What were the best things you did when your children were young adults? In your opinion, what is the most difficult season of motherhood? What is the wisest thing a mother can do for her children? What is the biggest waste of time that you see young mothers doing today?

What did you learn through motherhood that you wish you had known earlier on? What is God teaching you lately about motherhood? How can a woman best love and nurture her children? What were you like as a child? What was your family like? How did your mother and father impact you the most? Over the years, what has it meant for you to honor your mother and father? What were you like when you were my age? What were your strengths? What were your weaknesses? What would you repeat?

What would you change from that time in your life? Tell me about your formal education. Did you — do you — have a career? If so, what led you to that field? Tell me about your job.

If you’re a Christian single, here are 8 questions you need to ask before dating. Wouldn’t you like to side-step months of disappointing dating. In my talk on dating I tell people that there is so much more to dating then just going out to a movie. I had warned people not to just randomly ask questions because you do not know Do you want a Christian Marriage?.

Just dating, both of your understanding of marriage, and make judgments in the bible say about. Amy says: She has been dating loft dating love. Remember too, don’t waste time on a real life to address common direction extends beyond the other person you will challenge you spend.

The beloved model in the book of Titus is that older women should teach younger women how to live and love.

Because ethnicity is part of the good of creation, we seek to honor and celebrate the ethnic identity of those with whom we serve as well as those we seek to reach. A lot of people have the tendency to think a Christian dating relationship is dull or lacks adventure.

5 First Date Questions Single Christians Should Ask

In response to several requests, the session of Uptown Church has put together the following article for what we hope will be a helpful resource. It is our desire that this will help give you the confidence to enter into this conversation with your teenager. As with every other area of parenting, this is a tremendous opportunity for you to point them to the gospel and speak truth into a potentially confusing time. What should we do about dating? Will I let my daughter date in high school?

In my talk on dating I tell people that there is so much more to dating then just going out to a movie. There is a ton of stuff to learn about each other as you decide whether this person is a compatible partner for you as you begin to look towards your future … and marriage. Now please do not go out and start asking these questions on the first date. I had someone email me after one of my dating talks. It was a really tough question. He told me he pestered his word his girlfriend for 30 minutes on the bus ride to answer. This opened up a ton of conversations for them and a few months later I heard they were doing well. As you start dating someone these are some great questions to guide you as you learn about each other. Money What are your future financial goals? How will you achieve those goals?

Sam Eaton November 7, Relationships 5 Comments. I used to think I was the Harry Potter of relationships—magical, adventurous, and the right kind of popular.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Imagine attracting a healthy, happy, loving, and well-adjusted partner who loves God with all his heart.

8 Questions Christians Singles Need To Ask Before Dating

Part of the Red Flags in a Relationship Series. Preparing for Marriage. With no disrespect to premarital surveys I believe in their value , it would be nice if you could simply take a test, identify red flags and green lights, give them a number value, and calculate if you should move forward or not. It’s not that simple. Many people get married because of a fear of loneliness, of not having anymore chances in life to find love. The thought that my friend is the last “fish in the sea” will tend to create desperation. It’s tough to keep in mind, but if you do end the relationship, over time you will likely find more opportunities. And even if you don’t, your worth isn’t based upon finding someone who will marry you. Other than Christ, no one on earth determines your worth. Like the moon reflecting the sun’s rays, spouses can reflect the truth about their mates, but they don’t make them valuable! Is it possible that there might not be any red flags in your relationship now, yet issues arise later in your spouse? Yes, absolutely.

Diagnostic Questions for Ministering to Singles

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? As ridiculous as those examples may be, the unfortunate reality is that too often our understanding of dating is shaped more by speculation , than by divine revelation. Absolutely nothing. There is no passage in Scripture that addresses dating directly.

Two Essential Questions For Christian Dating Couples

First dates can be exciting and scary. You also may be having a difficult time adapting to getting back into the dating world. It may also be hard to come up with the right questions to ask. Here are eight things Christians should ask while dating. On the first date, learn what they like to do in their spare time, what they are passionate about and what they value.

Top 21 Dating Questions

Let’s say you’ve asked the right questions and you’ve been careful about the people you date. In time, you’ll probably find yourself liking one person a lot. It looks like it’s getting serious. If you find yourself moving in this direction, or if you are already in a serious relationship, here are other questions to think through and to talk about together: Is our relationship about mutual trust? A relationship can’t survive without honesty and openness. If lies creep into the relationship, it’s time to get truthful, or call it quits. Can we be ourselves when we’re together?

In my present station in life, I have the joy of ministering among women of various life-stages, circumstances, cultures, and geographical locations. Our whole-body fellowship helps to cultivate empathy for brothers and sisters in Christ who are lonely in marriage , or who have children rebelling against Christ, or who are impoverished, or who battle chronic illness, or. Pastor, as you are preaching through the Scriptures and thinking about applying the text, you might consider whether your text addresses questions like these. If you dealt with one a week for a year, consider how equipped single people would be! Two disclaimers. First, many single men may be asking these same questions. Not all single women feel insecure about being single.

It had been a while since I had commingled on a deeper level with other single Christians outside of work and general church service. Life groups eat together, talk about real life issues, and get involved in each others messy lives. I was excited to venture out again in establishing some great new friendships. Normally life groups are made up of people. The first night saw less than ten new participants with an uneven ratio of men to women. Being a very casual event we waited a little after the start time in hopes a few more people would arrive.

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