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As a hotelier in Laos the simple answer is this: If you do not do this you run the risk of being “busted” and also jeopardising the licence of the establishment you are staying at. Whilst some might turn a “blind eye” to your situation we certainly would not as it would put at risk our business. If you’re going to Vientiane or LP and are traveling together nobodys going to question that, if you go out to the villages its a different thing. No, John’s view is not a contrasting view.

Meet girls for chat in Vientiane over 18

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Vientiane with a dating guide then we have you covered. Well, we should say we have as much info on picking up single women or where to go on a date night as you will find anywhere. Table of Contents. Unfortunately Laos is not a great country for single men to visit if they hope to hook up as we will cover throughout the post.[rs_table_products tableName=”Best Dating Websites”]

We will start off with the very limited nightlife, meeting single girls in Vientiane during the day, and online dating. Then we will pivot to our dating guide and talk about some general things to do. If this is your first time visiting the country be sure to stick around for our travel tips at the end, and if you are only considering a trip and are looking for good places to get laid in Asia we suggest you choose somewhere else.

These days a lot of guys will only care about a list of singles bars and nightclubs to pick up Vientiane girls so here ya go:. The main area for singles nightlife will be around the Mekong Riverside, close to the Nam Phu Fountain. This is the tourist and backpacker district where you will find some bars, clubs, western restaurants, hotels, and can set up some tours to go on during the day.

Laos is a super conservative country, but we will dive deeper into that in the travel tips section. Pretty much when you go out here you should be trying to get laid with tourists from around the world. This is the same strategy you would want to take when trying to hook up in Phnom Penh, another city in Southeast Asia with very conservative women. Outside of other tourists expect to see prostitutes in Vientiane bars, as well as ladyboys. With that said we do feel like there has to be more than we found, and if you know of any good underground clubs outside of the touristy area please let us know in the comments.

The only place we know of with wild nightlife in Laos is Vang Vieng , but you can also take a quick trip across the border to Udon Thani to see why so many guys love Thailand. Once again this is going to be all about picking up women from other countries during the day. Just roam around the backpacker area near the Mekong Riverside and head to the temples and tourist attractions that are nearby. Look for groups of cute girls or some who are running solo and try to tag along.

Another option would be to meet single women at the night market in the late afternoon or at malls and shopping districts like:. So far this guide kind of sucks right? Some countries are just very conservative, what can you do? But to put a positive spin on things there will be some backpackers around who want to hook up on their vacation. The Laos women also could make for a great wife if you want to go that route.

Think about it, do you want to spend the rest of your life with some barfly who was totally wasted and slept with you the first night you met her? Or would you like a traditional, loving, caring woman who only wants to make you happy for the rest of your life? Asian Dating is the biggest dating site in Laos and it has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Many Asian women still have those traditional values that have been lost on many western women these days.

You might be able to find that elusive Vientiane girl who wants to get laid quickly on the site as well. In this day and age online dating might just be your best option, and in this country Asian Dating is the best site for it. Getting a girl to go out with you is definitely a positive start, but now you have to show her a good time on your date night. While the nightlife may be lacking there are some cool things to do during the day here. Not a ton, but comparatively speaking it may feel like it.

This section might be the most important one so far. Foreign men can not have sex with Laos girls before marriage. But if it is, be discreet about it. If you do plan on trying to hook up at your hotel contact them directly before you book to see what their current policy is. Overall the legal issues are good to know, but they are unlikely to play out if you are here on a short trip. We also mentioned the ladyboys and prostitutes at Vientiane bars, they are mostly going to be from Thailand, Vietnam, or other neighboring countries.

As far as the Laos dating culture goes, if you do want to be with a local you are going to need to date her for a long time and probably even get married before she is going to be willing to sleep with you. Oh ya, this section was also supposed to cover travel so the local currency is the kip and you get 8, kip for every US dollar at the time of our last update.

If your only goal is to sleep with a lot of women on your trip then maybe skip this town and country all together. Particularly if you only care about the women who were born here. There are plenty of options in countries close by where it is much easier to get laid. But if you want to see the city and take your chances then we wish you good luck. It will take some time to get them to be ready to hook up so pipelining is key. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Vientiane with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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Consider some suggestions to have an unforgettable date with a Lao girl as There are numerous clubs in Vientiane, and they have a tendency to close at 3. Free dating site, friendship and social discovery. Meet girls in Laos online now. 34, Vientiane · gouny I’m serious and honesty for love. gouny. 27, Vientiane.

I’m a somewhat over aged backpacker, upper thirties, that started travelling in June , starting in Asia, Bangkok. I had a RTW-ticket, and yes, I used all of my flight coupons. I didn’t get stuck in the LOS because of some lady of the night, above all because I didn’t meet one.

Laos girls are super easy to meet if you know where to look. The captial, Vientiane is definitely the liveliest part of Lao but even the nightlife here is far more low-key than elsewhere.

Touching a monk or novice is considered rude, and is totally taboo if you are a woman. Women should not hand anything directly to a monk, but instead should pass the item to a male intermediary.

9 Dreams of Laos Girls (And Their Future as Brides)

Meet and date beautiful single ladies from Laos. Sponsored Links. Hot dating site! Lao Girls Add Favorites Make Home Due to our ongoing work with another website Judy Garland as Dorothy , we regret to announce that we have decided to cease operations with this website and are no longer providing any Lao dating service. This website will still be available for you to browse and find information but there will be no new updates. We would like to thank you for using Lao Babes and we are sorry to share this unfortunate news with you.

Laos: Marriage conditions tightened

I just recently spent some time in Laos and I got several messages asking about how it was and if Laos is worth a visit… I did not spend much time in Vientiane but I will give you my opinions and you can decide if Laos is worth adding to your itinerary. So here it is gentlemen! My official location review of Vientiane, Laos. I think Lao women are some of the most beautiful women in all of Asia. They carry themselves with such class and elegance I caught myself just starring at groups of women coming and going on my street. Most are very conservative and they often wear the traditional dresses that cover up most of their body. I love the traditional dresses. The few girls I talked to were extremely friendly and had smiles that light up a room. Charming young ladies. But if you want to chat with good Lao girls then Asian Dating is the best site for that.

Prostitution in Laos is regarded as a criminal activity and can be subject to severe prosecution.

Hot, dusty streets, not many air conditioned spots. Underdeveloped, rural vibe.

Meet girls in Vientiane

They carry themselves with such style and elegance that I took myself in staring at groups of Lao women that walked past me. The Lao language is very similar to how they talk in northeast of Thailand Isaan. But, I have to disagree. I think they looked much more Chinese than they looked Thai or Isaan. They were taller, slimmer, had big lips and very white skin. I spoke with several Lao girls while I was in Laos, and they are much more shy than Thai girls. I love these traditional dresses. But I still find them sexy in a strange way. Going to Laos to meet Lao girls might not be as fun as you think. Yes, you heard that right.

5 Places To Meet Laos Girls

Many guys backpacking through Southeast Asia wonder if foreign men can hook up with Laos girls in Vientiane. Most know that it is technically illegal to have sex with a Laos girl before you are married. Prostitution is also illegal all over Southeast Asia yet this region is one of the mongering capitals of the world. However this law is a little different and if foreign men want to hook up with Laos girls in Vientiane they do need to be careful. It can still be done, but you will definitely want to be discreet about it.

11 Things You Should Never Do in Laos

Zodiac sign: Looking for: In age: My name is Kack. Now I’m looking for new relationships. I want to meet a man, love of my life.

laos girlfriend – Vientiane Forum

Sign In. Laos girls. Be thankful cause you are blessed. New Life noi. Welcome Vantiger.

Laotian girls throw buckets of water on colleagues during the water festival celebrations in Vientiane, April 13, The Lao government is tightening conditions under which foreigners marry local women in a bid to combat human trafficking, according to officials. Under new rules introduced recently, foreigners wanting to marry local women should be a resident in Laos for at least three consecutive months and have to provide a variety of personal documents for the government to conduct background checks, the officials said. The stringent conditions are aimed at plugging the marriage loophole that foreign human trafficking syndicates have been using to smuggle Lao women out of the country. The foreigners quickly get married with local women in Laos and then take them to their countries where the women are forced into prostitution and other illicit activities, the officials said.

Last week I had to make a visa run. It sucks but I thought I might be able to make use of the otherwise wasted time. Right after arriving in Vientiane Viang Chan , the capital of Laos, I went to the city center which is not that hard to find to talk to girls. My goal was to find a beautiful woman who could teach me about the Laotian dating culture and the hopes, dreams, and preferences of the local women. Unfortunately, nobody spoke English. I guess I should have set up a date with a sexy Laos girl on the largest Asian dating site before I arrived.

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