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Besides blog posts, videos, apps, and social media, podcasts are quickly becoming a necessary component for dating coaches and matchmakers to reach their target audience: The New Power Couples podcast gives you interviews with unique and diverse couples who share authentically about the lessons, challenges, and even personal fears that come up in partnerships. These guests include rock legends Alice and Sheryl Cooper, who share generously how they triumphed in their year marriage, even through a period of addiction. The podcast also shares other unique and fun stories with couples about spiritual partnership, remarriages, and building a business together. Bragging Rights:

The 8 Dating Podcasts you Need to Listen to if you Want to Up your Dating Game

What is a Podcast? RSS Feed. Also, if you produce a singles related show and would like to join the network, please email us with the details and we will consider including your show in our network. Home What is a Podcast? We focus on producing and distributing content of interest to singles in the form of podcasts. You’ll learn how to relate with the opposite sex, dating techniques, sex advice, singles travel, online dating, matchmaking, and even financial planning for singles.

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If it relates to the single lifestyle, we bring it to you here! Joyce Dolberg Rowe, a popular professional psychotherapist and relationship expert. Rowe was personally trained by Dr. She is the author of “How to Find Your Soulmate,” which will direct you along the path to a long-term loving relationship with the right partner. Record Date: How to Find Your Soulmate Email: Joyce MarsVenusBoston.

Barrett Solberg Razr is a Certified Relationship Coach and author of the eBook, Revealing the Secrets to the Greatest Ice Breaker Ever , a breakthrough book to help get guys on the path to the most fulfilling relationships possible. In this interview he provides insights into ice breaking, and the Eight Essential Components of Attraction. StraightRazr yahoo. Jillian Strauss is the author of Unhooked Generation. She spent eight years producing programs for Oprah Winfrey, where she interviewed hundreds of men and women about their lives and their relationships.

Prior to that, she worked for ABC News. In this interview she reveals why singles in their 20s and 30s are having such a tough time with romantic relationships, and how they can successfully hook up with someone special for a lasting relationship. Unhooked Generation: Jillian unhookedgeneration. Shewanda Riley is a Dallas-based author and media professional who has worked as a News Director, producer and on-air talent for radio stations in Dallas, Texas and for the Armed Forces Network.

She is currently a correspondent for Sheridan Broadcasting Network. In this podcast she discusses how to prevent a love hangover, how to get over a love hangover, and how to have a successful relationship in the future so you never have to experience another love hangover. Love Hangover: Tips for Christian Singles: Shewanda juno. She is the author of Sexy Love Affirmations: In this interview she discusses the 24 Love Types and how you can use affirmations to improve your love relationships with them.

Sexy Love Affirmations: PinkLady aol. Randall Curtis is a professional astrologer. In this interview he warns against decisions based on superficial attraction and also reveals how to develop the self-love that is the key to successful relationships. The Heart of a Man is a Woman Email: Susan Campbell is a psychologist who specializes in relationships. Today she discusses her latest book, Truth in Dating , and reveals why truth is sexy and how singles can practice The 10 Truth Skills.

Truth in Dating: Finding Love by Getting Real Email: DrSusan SusanCampbell. She reveals how singles over 40 can successfully navigate the dating world and find someone special. Everything Dating Book: Parenting and Family , 2nd Edition Email: AskAlisonb nyc. Mason Grigsby is the co-author of Love at Second Sight: Playing the Midlife Dating Game. He reveals some startling changes in what men and women seek in a romantic partner, based on his survey of mature singles.

Love at Second Sight: Playing the Midlife Dating Game Email: Mason midlifedatingbooks. Michael Jones is President of UserPlane , a company that develops web applications for the singles industry. In this interview he discusses where the online dating industry is headed, how to launch and market a new dating website, and honesty and fraud issues. MJones userplane. Regina Lynn , writes the weekly Sex Drive column at Wired.

In this interview she explains how sex-tech is rewriting the rules of romance and offering singles fun and effective tools for sexual and romantic exploration. The Sexual Revolution 2. GinaLynn gmail. Lisa helps countless singles avoid the common pitfalls of dating. Through no-nonsense tips and easy-to-follow scenarios, Lisa has developed winning strategies to help those looking for love find the connection they have been seeking.

In this interview she reveals why women should date more like men and how both men and women can succeed in the dating war zone. Dating Bootcamp: Lisa DatingBootCamp. Allie Ochs is a Relationship Coach in Canada. She is the author of Are You Fit to Love. In this interview she recommends moving beyond superficial attraction and choosing a romantic partner on the basis of more important factors.

She also discusses the three universal principles of being fit to love. Are You Fit to Love?: Allie Fit2Love. Susan Bradley is the founder of Loving University and an award-winning author. Her latest book is Irresistible Prescriptions for Love. Irresistible Prescriptions for Love: LovingUniversity cs. She is the author of Ways to Win a Woman’s Heart and three other books available on her website. In this interview she discusses commitment-phobia in depth, how to spot commitment-phobics before they break your heart, why bad boys attract women while nice guys often go home alone, and how to make relationships work.

Jane Relationship-Remedies. Robin Gorman Newman , The Love Coach , is called regularly by the press for expert dating and relationship advice. In this interview she defines a Mensch , how to recognize him, where to meet him, and how to determine whether he is marriage-material. She reveals her flirting secrets and also how to successfully pursue internet dating to find a Mensch. How to Marry a Mensch: Robin LoveCoach. Marilyn Anderson is the author of Never Kiss a Frog: For centuries, women have been brought up to believe two ridiculous myths: In this interview Marilyn describes the many types of frogs to avoid, in order to find your prince.

She also discusses how men can avoid female frogs. Never Kiss a Frog: Frogerella neverkissafrog. How to Make the Right Impression. She has taught everyone from CEOs to seasoned sales people how to become savvy socializers. In our interview she reveals how to schmooze and network successfully at all kinds of events, from singles parties to business gatherings. RoAne’s Rules: How to Make the Right Impression: Susan SusanRoAne. Susan Rabin , who flirted, in bed, with David Letterman on national TV, presents her world-famous School of Flirting , in front of a live audience, where she shares her fun flirting tips, based on her new book, Lucky in Love.

Susan was our first interview guest, while this show is a recording of a live event. Lucky in Love: His forthcoming book is Why You’re Still Single: He is the CEO of e-cyrano. During this interview, Evan reveals how to write a great online personal profile and how to maximize your dating success in cyberspace. In this interview she discusses the importance of bringing clarity to a new relationship–before the relationship reaches the intimate stage.

Erin Tillman, ‘The Dating Advice Girl’ is the On-Air Radio Personality for The Dating Advice Girl podcast. The show consists of dating tips for singles, consent. They also give you advice — true crime podcasts remind us not to murder, and wellness podcasts remind us to eat kale. There’s just no.

No one in the world is immune to relationship problems, dating confusion, or sex issues. But whatever camp you find yourself in, there’s likely a great podcast to address your deepest concerns and most burning curiosities. We listened to hours upon hours of relationship advice to nail down the most interesting and effective relationship ‘casts out there. Cheryl Strayed achieved fame when she wrote the novel Wild , but before that she was the author of the anonymous advice column, “Dear Sugar. Dan Savage has been delivering his influential podcast for almost six years a lifetime in pod world , and one can immediately understand why Lovecast , derived from his popular column, “Savage Love,” is such a hit.

Susan and Rob discuss the current state of relationships and how to navigate and conquer these modern day challenges. Rob uses every resource available:

Plus, interviews with real couples and experts, and maybe a few surprises here and there. Convert your commute, gym session or down time to a productive, empowering time of reflection and growth.

Podcast: 6 dating tips

He now lives in Bali with his loving wife Antia and looks forward to helping YOU to attract the woman of your dreams and becoming one of his next great client success stories! Claim Your Complimentary 1: Broderick Brody Boyd struggled for years with loneliness, fear and getting stuck in the friend zone and was on the verge of suicide before he finally broke through, took massive action, hired a dating coach, had amazing success with quality women, and eventually met his beautiful, loving and supportive wife Antia! He now lives in the beautiful San Diego area of California with his amazing wife. Words From Clients:


Podcast Click here to refresh the feed. Then this podcast is very important. How to approach Women, The fishing and the hunter strategy, how to kiss a woman during the first date, with no risk of rejection. In this dating advice podcast from 21datingtips. How to approach women without douchy pickup lines The fishing and the hunter strategy How to kiss a woman during the first […]. In this podcast from 21datingtips. And more. What to do when a woman cancels a date What to do when she asks other friends to join…the date Why having similarities is un important How to create attraction And more. Are you direct, or indirect with Women?

Yes, we know: I wanted to see if there was a lower limit to how awful a person could be before men would stop messaging her on an online dating site.

Home About Us Episodes Contact. The Date Podcast, hosted by Emma Pineda and Zorric Sia, interviews celebrities, talks pop news, discuss dating dos and don’ts, and debates relationship topics.

What You Don’t Know About Online Dating (Ep. 154)

Some of the best Love Systems instructors led by Hootie have gotten together to produce a free podcast on iTunes. Check out the first five episodes here. Again, you can check out all 5 episodes here or on iTunes. I’d really recommend you subscribe to the podcast. When you subscribe, you won’t have to remember to check every week for new episodes – you’ll just get them automatically. To subscribe, when you get to the podcast page, click the blue “view in iTunes” button on the left hand side of the screen. And then finally – if you want to earn a free credit with us, leave reviews and talk about what you learned and the episodes you like best. To do that, just click “Ratings and Reviews” on the same page as above. It’s right beside “Details” which is shaded on the screenshot above. If you do submit a review, be sure to let us know that you did, and your username, so we can be sure to thank you properly.

Wǒ Men Podcast: The Difficulties of Dating in China

Dating is hard for a Chinese girl. Right, but also because the window for you to date is short. Before college, parents and teachers forbid you to date lest it distract from your studies. You will find yourself overwhelmed by blind dates set up by your parents, your third auntie, your fourth uncle. A woman in Shandong province browses local singles China Daily.

Relationships, Sex, Dating and Marriage Advice – I Do Podcast

Latest Episode April 22, Kissing Stories! From first to French, the good, the bad, the wet. Everyone well, most everyone has a kissing story to tell. When it comes to dating, kissing can be passionate, awkward, funny, embarrassing, or simply “good. April 22, Podcast.

10 Best Dating Podcasts

Podcasts are magical for many reasons. They distract you from boring tasks — I love a one-hour pod while commuting or doing laundry. They also give you advice — true crime podcasts remind us not to murder, and wellness podcasts remind us to eat kale. Dating can be difficult and lonely. If you’re actively hunting for a cutie, you know I’m not lying — it’s hard out there. It’s very difficult not to veer into existential crisis mode while walking home alone with a dollar slice of pizza in hand. Again, anyone? While apps have expanded the number of people you’re likely to meet, they can also sometimes be exhausting to use.

10 Relationship Podcasts to Listen to When You Don’t Have Time for Couple’s Therapy

Hosted by Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz, I Do Podcast is all about inspiring young couples to create a fulfilling and happy relationship. Our weekly podcast will give you great advice to improve your relationship and fun ways to keep the spark alive. Each episode we will interview amazing relationship experts who share their knowledge on building successful and lasting love. Our guests will provide daily tips to improve your relationship, advice for young couples, amazing books and resources and much more. Join us on our journey to create lasting love!

Antia Boyd struggled her entire life with loneliness, frustration and wasting time attracting emotionally unavailable men before she finally broke through, hired her dating coach and met her amazing, loving and highly supportive husband Brody! She has now been helping thousands of successful single women all over the world for over a decade now to magnetize the man of their dreams ASAP without fear, disappointment or continuing to stay stuck and alone. Antia studied Personality Psychology at U. She now lives in the beautiful San Diego area of California with her handsome, kind and deeply committed husband and is looking forward to helping YOU to get married to your ideal man next as well! Read Less. Error – There was an error with your download request.

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