Dating vintage sindy dolls

  • Desperately seeking Sindy – a guide to collecting the vintage doll
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  • 1960s Pedigree Sindy Dolls
  • How Barbie crushed Sindy
  • Lets Bring Sindy Up To Date!
  • Dating vintage sindy dolls
  • Desperately seeking Sindy – a guide to collecting the vintage doll
  • Dating vintage sindy dolls

The facial type introduced in was used until , although some slight differences in manufacturing eg. However, the only consistent facial change over the years lay in the color of Sindy’s face paint. In addition, the very popular ‘Active’ body type was redesigned several times, primarily to fix design flaws which tended to result in broken dolls the ‘Basic’ body type is not discussed. These differences in face paint and body type can be used to date Active body dolls from this era.

Desperately seeking Sindy – a guide to collecting the vintage doll

Remember when toys were everything? When your small, boring childhood was rendered huge, magical and grown-up on the receipt of one amazing Christmas present? Looking back — Sindy was my favourite toy. Sindy was much more wholesome. With her demure sideways glance and chubby cheeks, Sindy was the epitome of swinging Sixties Carnaby Road style but — forget free love and drugs — our Sindy was a good girl at heart. Before , dolls were babies or little children to be cuddled and nurtured.[rs_table_products tableName=”Best Dating Websites”]

And what clothes. I can still recall the painful desperation of trying to get my mum up to the toy department in Woolworths to look at clothes. A s air hostess Sindy; sold on eBay by Victoria Rose. Given enough outfits and imagination, my Sindy could live a thousand different lives. Sindy allowed little girls me to try on the adult world for size. I was going to be air hostess during the day remember the dinky BOAC bag?

Sindy slumbers — not that my best girl needs any beauty sleep. Understandably, I could hardly contain myself — never mind my wallet — when two Sindy lots came up at the local auction house. The first lot was a box full of dolls — circa , early 70s. Whoever owned these toys was a seriously lucky, pampered little girl. Imagine buying this box at auction thinking it contains an empty wardrobe…. And it turns out to be full of clothes from the s; no wonder I was teary-eyed.

Most s parents were mean. Even little extras like the paddling pool set was a no no; never mind the kitchen sink with matching apron and oven gloves. From kitchen sink in the Sixties to space chick in twenty years; the social evolution of Sindy. My auction haul included everything including the kitchen sink. I did get the accessories. In a strange quirk, I now own all the scene-setters and accessories my little heart once desired — but no Sindy doll.

He quickly decided no Bakewell tart on earth was worth the humiliation of seeing his mum weeping with joy. As I fondled the poppers on the back of the dresses — and marvelled over the tiny bra and pants set — I saw my childhood self sitting under a weeping willow tree in a sunny back-garden in Grimsby. Both my doll and bath needed a wash — ah, sorted.

Ah, I suspected as much. There came a time in the mids when my childhood pal just disappeared. I cannot dance, ski or skate. Frankly, I am a shy writer with no interest in clothes, make-up or girlie hobbies. Helen runs the Instagram account poorlittlenell. She was given to me in the early 80s but I believe she was already secondhand and probably dates from the late s.

I originally called her Sharon but, two years later, I saw a character called Shirin in the Bunty magazine. These dolls, which date from the late 70s to early 80s, are my favourite kind of Sindy. When I was a child, Shirin-Sharon had wrecked blonde hair that had been hacked off short. I also redid her eyelashes and retouched her lipstick. Shirin-Sharon is wearing a Sindy dress of an earlier era — namely a Dream Date dress from I generally buy 2-Gen Sindys in poor condition and restore them by rerooting their hair and eyelashes and sewing them new clothes.

Bespoke dresses Helen has made to put in lucky bags for Dollycon in July. I now do two selling events a year. The first is the Meadows Festival in Edinburgh — where I sell Barbie and other fashion dolls and clothes that I have either made or restored. That was the year that was — the Sindy showcase at Dollycon Meadows Fesitval takes place on June 2, 3rd Sindy obsessives Renee and Lizzie Rose, of Coventry, run the scrumptious Instagram account sindyobsessed.

When we hit 40 — we decided to collect all the Sindy items we always wanted as children. Lizzie left and Renee in the early 80s with their first Sindys. My Pedigree chum…a brief history of the Sindys from my childhood ie: Her name was chosen by her target audience — little girls. Company pollsters took to the streets to show youngsters a picture of their future doll and a selection of four names.

Sindy was launched via a series of advertisements in September the first shown in the London area. Mattel had approached Pedigree Toys to offer them a licence to sell the implausibly-busted Barbie instead. The first Sindy was a blue-eyed, wholesome teenager, dressed in a colourful stripy red, white and blue top and parent-pleasing jeans. The Sindy advert appeared 25 time before Christmas but it was enough to turn thousands of heads. The Exeter-based Pedigree factory had to pull extra shifts to cope with demand.

The first issue Sindy had a soft vinyl head topped by cute bobbed hair in auburn, brunette and blonde. Our original girl was bendy, hollow legged and eleven and a half inches tall. Sadly, the years have been unkind to the Vidal Sassoon inspired bob on this s edition Sindy Hong Kong. Pedigree also approached top 60s designers Sally Tuffin and Marion Foale to design early outfits. Trendy Girl launched in , featured an ingenious neck knob yes — really. Sindy could now turn her head all the way round.

Her skin colour was prettier less likely to bleach and she had much better hair in a variety of shades including copper, dark brunette and almost grey. Bendier thanks to additional rubber slimmer and curiously flat-chested — Lovely Lively was smaller everywhere apart from her lashes. Dolls from this period are highly desirable. Any kind of Sindy mint in box is going to be more sought after and valuable. Sindy had an on-off relationship with boyfriend Paul.

Paul a thinly disguised Paul McCartney had his own wardrobe of outfit including a duffel coat. In spite of his cool Lambretta and sensible blazer and flannels, Paul was dumped at the end of In the s, Sindy accessories accounted for 70 per cent of the sales. She had a bathroom — complete with a bath with running water, a sink with mini pots and pans and a glamorous bedroom set. The difference between Funtime and Trendy Girl?

Purists often point to as the seminal year for Sindy. Pedigree introduced a new new look complete with elegant chignon and ribbon. Active Sindy featured a double twist waist, ball joints at the wrists and bending elbows and knees — but disappointingly stiff ankles. Lovely Lively version was similarly lithe. By , Active Sindy could even stand on tip toes.

In , Sindy was launched on the American market. Sold by comps. In May eBay listed a blonde Marx Sindy, in her original floral maxi dress. Sindy enthusiast and doll clothes maker Sarah Ellis lives in Wales. She runs the Instagram account sewsindy. She would come everywhere with me — holidays, visiting relations, days out with the family and of course she would be dressed in the outfit most appropriate for the trip.

This Tonner Sindy a modern replica wears clothes designed by Sarah. My mum passed on her knitting and sewing skills to me when I was young and so my Sindy doll had plenty of homemade outfits to wear. After 35 years, my obsession returned. Instantly my heart melted. All those wonderful memories of playing with my favourite doll came flooding back. Sarah scans eBay to find Sindy vintage outfits.

When I made clothes for my Sindy doll as a child there where no expectations, no demands, no worries. I lived in the moment — creating and imagining. Everyone needs time and space in their lives to be able to create and dream, with no pressures. Sindy helps me to escape. Buyers beware. If you are collecting Sindy dolls then condition is all.

While is is not necessary for your Sindy to be NRFB never removed from box , there are common problems which may devalue your heirloom. This dolly is extremely Jolly — her clever owner can make designer clothes. Sindy enthusiast Cathy Howard, of Somerset, runs Jolly dolly shop; designing and making clothes for teenage dolls like Sindy. Initially I made clothes for children to play with, then for adults, and now I sell worldwide.

Nostalgia for my childhood Sindy and those fashions made her perfect as a model.

Dating Sindy Dolls. to saw Sindy’s most popular years. The facial type introduced in was used until , although some slight. Dating sindy dolls – Men looking for a man – Women looking for a man. Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life? Indeed.

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It’s in good played with condition; there is a seam at the waist that started to fray and a small tear in the fabric at the sleeve, both I have reinforced with iron-on fabric strengthener on the inside, you do not see this from the outside, please see the photo’s.

The Sindy Doll made by Pedigree came into life in and throughout the years she made some changes, if you own your childhood doll you are a very lucky persons as some collectors dont, but yet we all have a love for her. We dont just enjoy the traditional Vintage dolls but also enjoy the girls that have been brought into the 21st Century, Have been cleaned up and given a new hair colour and style, maybe had a few freckles or eyelashes added, but its all in keeping with her original look. If you cant afford the boxed never been played with Sindys but yet still enjoy the quality of a lovely looking doll, look no further.

1960s Pedigree Sindy Dolls

They have been in circulation since They’re now popular collector’s items, so if you want to know if your Sindy is genuine or not, here are some tips. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 40, times. Doll Collecting Fashion Dolls.

How Barbie crushed Sindy

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Remember when toys were everything?

I love Sindy Pedigree dolls the most so the site is a tribute to them. The idea of introducing a teenage fashion doll along thee lines of the successful Barbie doll was first conceived by the British company Pedigree Soft Toys Ltd.

Lets Bring Sindy Up To Date!

She has soft vinyl arms that you are able to bend, but they will not hold a pose, and hard hollow legs and torso. Three hair colours were available, blonde, auburn chestnut and brunette. This is her only marking her torso is not marked. She now has heavy vinyl legs with a wire inside them so she is now able to pose and soft vinyl poseable arms with a wire inside. She has a smaller head than the normal Hong Kong doll shown above and this head tends to wobble about a little but she has very beautiful hair that looks like a bubble with a fringe. The head is not marked. She has smaller very hard arms and legs, than the doll pictured above. Sindy shoes are to big for her and fall from her little feet. Hair colours available are blonde, auburn and brunette. This doll pictured here is referred to as the Marilyn Sindy by collectors because of her platinum blonde hair and bright red lips.

Dating vintage sindy dolls

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hasbro and MattelUK battle it out over Barbie ‘copy ‘”. Yes the outfit did come with a little white dog, his name was Ringo! We settled in South Australia I lived in the western suburbs of Adelaide for most of my life. Vivid Imaginations has manufactured recent versions of Sindy dolls, under licence from Pedigree. I have only seen pictures of Tonners Sindy, never seen one in real life but I feel a bit the same as you.

Desperately seeking Sindy – a guide to collecting the vintage doll

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Dating vintage sindy dolls

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