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Carbondated dinosaur bones are less than 40, years old. Researchers have found a reason for the puzzling survival of soft tissue and collagen in dinosaur bones – the bones are younger than anyone ever guessed. Carbon C dating of multiple samples of bone from 8 dinosaurs found in Texas, Alaska, Colorado, and Montana revealed that they are only 22, to 39, years old. Since dinosaurs are thought to be over 65 million years old, the news is stunning – and more than some can tolerate.

Did Humans Walk the Earth with Dinosaurs? Triceratops Horn Dated to 33,500 Years

For generations, Americans and peoples of other Western countries have been indoctrinated, from early childhood, with continuous proclamations about all of the dinosaurs and pterosaurs becoming extinct many millions of years ago. The truth is now coming out, however, with direct carbon-dating of dinosaur bones. Since carbon dating became available, in the midth century, many scientists had assumed that the new method for determining ages was inappropriate for dinosaur fossils.[rs_table_products tableName=”Best Dating Websites”]

They took it for granted that no carbon could be left from those bones, for radiocarbon dating should detect no radioactive carbon from anything that had lived many millions of years ago. The new concept in determining when particular dinosaurs lived is this: Date the bones themselves, not the layers that are removed from the layers in which the fossils are found.

This direct method relies on the proven principles of radiocarbon dating C Carbon is the normal non-radioactive isotope of carbon. The version with two extra neutrons is carbon Those CO2 molecules get into into plants by photosynthesis, the same way that carbon does. This gives scientists raw data for arriving at a calendar date for when that organism died.

This method of dating dead material can be accurate for a maximum of about 50, years before the present BP , depending on the type of test and other factors. This brings up a question:. A better question may be this: If dinosaurs only lived many millions of years ago, then all of the carbon should have decayed away millions of years ago. So why do we always seem to find that isotope of carbon when we do that testing on dinosaur bones?

Many tests have shown ages well under 40, years. Could there be contamination of the specimens? Unfortunately for the old standard models, the processes and results do not fit with simple contamination conjectures. But the simple answer to the question is this: Something can be learned from carbon dating of dinosaur fossils, even if it is only to test the processes for accuracy or the preparations for contamination possibilities.

So why are not many scientists quickly following up on the earlier tests and sending dinosaur bones to the laboratories? Professors and researchers have lost their jobs, in the United States, for challenging such old established beliefs. Dinosaurs Living With Humans. Waldemar Julsrud, a German living in Acambaro, Mexico, discovered some unusual objects while riding his horse around El Toro Mountain, in July of , including a partially buried ceramic figurine. This led, in time, to the discovery of many more ceramic works of art, some of which depict dinosaurs.

Carbon Shows Dinosaurs Lived Recently. One of the oral presentations in the Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting in Singapore surprised at least some of the members of the audience. Dinosaur bones from several different locations had been carbon-dated, and it appears those animals lived only tens of thousands of years ago, not many millions of years ago. Recent Dinosaurs. Sense of Truth. That restaurant was near the top of one of those towers. Carbon Dating and Dinosaurs. Because so many paleontologists have so long assumed that all dinosaurs became extinct many million years old, the abstract of the report by the Paleochronology group was censured, deleted from the conference website because they did not like to consider such an apparently revolutionary discovery.

The two chair persons did not challenge the data openly but removed it from public view without notifying the authors. Skip to content. Scientific Testing of Dinosaur Bones: Carbon Methods Modern Pterosaur.

Dinosaur bones with Carbon dates in the range of 22, to 39, years before present, combined with the discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur bones. of dinosaur bones that they have managed to date, using radiocarbon At a horizon of 40, years the amount of carbon 14 in a bone or a.

Creationists bring up Carbon 14 dating of dinosaur bones all the time. This shows a lack of basic understanding of how the method is used and what material it can be used to date. Carbon 14 is used to date things that were once living and in equilibrium with the atmosphere.

A team of researchers gave a presentation at the Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting in Singapore, August 13—17, at which they gave 14 C dating results from many bone samples from eight dinosaur specimens.

For generations, Americans and peoples of other Western countries have been indoctrinated, from early childhood, with continuous proclamations about all of the dinosaurs and pterosaurs becoming extinct many millions of years ago. The truth is now coming out, however, with direct carbon-dating of dinosaur bones.

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In recent years, dinosaur bones have been dated using radiometric carbon methods, something almost never attempted before. Why is this testing relatively new? It was previously assumed by many scientists that all dinosaurs became extinct by at least tens of millions of years ago. Some critics continue to hold onto that opinion. This deserves attention.

North American Dinosaurs Dated by Carbon-14

To know if carbon dating is accurate, we would have to know how much carbon was in the atmosphere in the beginning, and also how long it has been increasing, or decreasing. Since no one was there, no one knows for sure. It’s like trying to figure out how long a candle has been burning, without knowing the rate at which it burns, or its original size. Living penguins have been carbon dated and the results said that they had died 8, years ago! This is just one of many inaccurate dates given by Carbon dating. The shells of living mollusks have been dated using the carbon 14 method, only to find that the method gave it a date as having been dead for 23, years! Science vol. The body of a seal that had been dead for 30 years was carbon dated, and the results stated that the seal had died 4, years ago!

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. The preferred method of dating dinosaur fossils is with the radiometric dating method.

Why is there Carbon 14 in Dinosaur bones? Is it possible that it is background Carbon 14, or is it a contaminate? This article deals in depth with claims of certain creationist researchers that C14 was found in dinosaur bones. Good article, which points out the sad negative effect that such willful misrepresention has on the gospel message.

Considering Contamination

Are the results a confirmation of rapid formation of the geologic column as modern sedimentology studies have predicted? Key Words: Radiocarbon dating, dinosaur, bone collagen, organic carbon, bone bio-apatite, fossil wood, amber, megafauna. Bone collagen and soft tissue were recently reported as having been discovered in a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur femur bone as well as other fossil bones from the Cretaceous period of the geologic column by Mary H. Schweitzer et al. According to Dr. Libby, the inventor of the radiocarbon dating method, ” There is no known natural mechanism by which collagen may be altered to yield a false age. It is common practice to determine the age of bones by radiocarbon RC dating of extracted bone collagen but not of dinosaurs because they are assumed to have become extinct 65 million years BP and, therefore, too old for RC dating. The data was challenged by Thomas Stafford as poor science due to assumed contamination from modern C with younger surficial calcium carbonate. Bone bio-apatite can be unreliable due to potential contamination from calcium carbonate replacement containing modern or dead carbon [unless carefully pretreated]. However, a study of the cm.

All About Dinosaur Fossils and Carbon Dating

They will not allow others to date bones in their possession! Our Paleo team has Carbon 14 dated dinosaur bones from Texas, Colorado, Montana, China, North Dakota, and Alaska by professional labs using accelerator mass spectrometry. Every sample dates to between 23, and 39, years before the present. Did Asteroids kill the dinosaurs? When did Asteroids hit. See below and on our Carbon 14 dating page.

The most widely known form of radiometric dating is carbon dating. This is what archaeologists use to determine the age of human-made artifacts. But carbon dating won’t work on dinosaur bones. The half-life of carbon is only 5, years, so carbon dating is only effective on samples that are less than 50, years old. Dinosaur bones, on the other hand, are millions of years old — some fossils are billions of years old.

A Triceratops brow horn discovered in Dawson County, Montana, has been controversially dated to around 33, years, challenging the view that dinosaurs died out around 65 million years ago. The finding radically suggests that early humans may have once walked the earth with the fearsome reptiles thousands of years ago. The Museum, which has been in cooperation since with the Paleochronology Group, a team of consultants in geology, paleontology, chemistry, engineering, and education, sent a sample of the outer portion of the Triceratops brow horn to Head of the Paleochronology Group Hugh Miller, at his request, in order to carry out Carbon dating. Miller told Ancient Origins that it is always desirable to carbon date several fractions to minimize the possibility of errors, which Miller requested, and that essential concordance was achieved in the ‘s of years as with all bone fractions of ten other dinosaurs. Classical reconstruction of a Triceratops Wikimedia Commons.

Somewhere out there, even as you read this, a team of scientists is hot on the trail of a dinosaur fossil that might add greatly to our understanding of the natural world. Or perhaps they have already found the fossil and are analyzing it in the lab, determining what clues about an ancient creature’s behavior still remain embedded in it. Virtually any ancient organism that once lived can leave behind evidence in the form of a fossil. But exactly what is a fossil, anyway? Fossils aren’t like rings, other jewelry, or other signs of human life; they can be even more mysterious.

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