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How to make DOTA 2 matchmaking not suck

I have always defended the idea that matchmaking isn’t forcing games on you and you just have to get better to climb up. However after dropping significantly I decided to try and see why the hell am I getting such unbelievable teammates. From what I have found over the course of a last few weeks is as follows -. Behavior Score is just a cumulative score and not an accurate measurement of recent game ally behavior quality, which is why you can get obnoxious retards even if you have 9K score.[rs_table_products tableName=”Best Dating Websites”]

For example,. Now keep in mind that even though this is like a typical stack, but depending on how well you have performed in your recent games, your position in the stack will change. For e. Radiant Player 1 would usually have been winning or have been having very high game impact in recent games and therefore is now paired with weaker allies, who haven’t been able to have significant game impact in recent games.

So according to the matchmaking, pairing Player 1 with Player 4 and 5, would lead to more balanced outcome for both parties. So say, if you have performed worse in recent games you will more than likely be paired with stronger allies to build your winrate back up. And vice-versa. However it will be very difficult to work with them due to their behavior. You might not get reported or commended and still you will see significant changes in your BScore, regardless of wins or losses.

This was the alt account where I carried out the tests and it shouldn’t be used to judge and correlate the skill level. So you got to 4K by a streak of Good luck due to good teammates and 0 skill too? Or do u attributes your win to your own skill but your losses to bad teammates and bad luck? Did you know why you have these unbelievable teammates? Coz you belong to that category. Your KDA are awful imo.

Simple as that. Dota 2 calibration in the past can be manipulated. Good players can easily reach 4. They fell short. Only agreed with the “win alot get dumbfuck teammates”, but then again, it usually happen only for one or two games Behavior score is just a shitty excuse people use to backlash their incompetence. If you play only heroes and become mechanically more efficient and better your game sense, you will find it easier to climb up.

So I would get well behaved allies if I had for 10 games, then get slightly ill-mannered for another 10 if my score went down to How do you do that? Do you use the console in-game? I’m a noob regarding those things. I just play. So, imagine you are a hero spammer, winning 20 games in a row with huge impact. END Your RWR changes so very slightly and if you are winning every game with spamming one hero, then clearly you are going beyond what the system is expected to achieve.

You will not notice a huge disadvantage, unless you pick some other hero and or you reach such a peak point where you have to improve your skill level significantly to win again. Getting what you perceive as vastly different allies is subjective and could just be random variance. Why i ask is because I’m trying to determine if your thinking is affected be any bias. We tend to be extremely bias when it comes to assessing such team based events.

Of course its bias, thats all these threads ever are. Retards that just can’t accept that they are where they belong. I mean, just look at the first fucking sentence of this guys thread. Blames his bad team mates for dropping MMR. I have been through super high behavior score and low through abandon sprees due to irl obligations, and honestly I didn’t find any real differences The only thing behavior score is relevant for is to send you to LP more easily if you have low amount of it.

No one has a shred of evidence for what behaviour score does. It could literally do nothing, Valve could just be tracking it for testing purposes. Valve has not said what it does and no one has come up with anything CLOSE to accurate data analysis to form any sort of conclusion as to what it does. I don’t even think we have access to the data needed to prove anything.

I just had a game where a bs picked, i had marked mid, the bs then marks mid saying he doesnt know how to jungle, forces me, a dp, into the jungle, then after i buy a talon and shit walks into the jungle and says “im jungling” and even blocks a camp and then jungles without using bloodrage. But ive also had games with extremely positive, understanding, and cooperative players. How can u prove Behavior Score affected this?

You cant and its just an excuse for u to pass urself off as good enough for a skill level higher than ur own when ur just not good enough. A few days back I played a game of Nature’s Prophet 3rd pick after a Rubick and TA, which is immediately followed by a Juggernaut and the classic Sniper last pick. Now I obviously know I’m not gonna get my offlane so I go jungle and prepare for the late game as all games always go with heroes like this and buy a midas.

After some levels I decide to gank aggressive heroes and get pick-offs. Meanwhile, the solo safelane juggernaut has boots, TP and no regen. He quits the lane after one death and goes roaming. Meanwhile the TA has been feeding mid to a magnus. The Rubick, incapable of helping the offlane Sniper comes and joins me in the jungle, helping me with my last hits of course. Eventually they all give up in 15 minutes and go afk in base while I try to solo split push and delay the game as much as possible in case they changed their minds.

The result: I get 4 reports since these are 4 solo players not in a party. Now I don’t get LP but my Conuct Summary stands at “1 Abandon unavoidable due to power cut , 4 reports and 3 commends”. Strangely, this is a time in which I’m winning games playing core heroes with much ease. I put this aside and keep playing to a point where the current Conduct Summary is as such:. Despite this I have been pairing with more toxic players than before and losing more games than winning.

I would either get constant rage pinging people or some so new to the game they have no idea what to do or what items to build. They don’t know what lane to go to and when to fight. I mean, I’ve been solo carrying my last few games but you can only do so much with teammates having double-digit deaths under 15 minutes. Can you expand? This is bullshit, my latest game had everybody on my team cursing, yelling at each other for a mistake beyond their control while I dig a mine in an enemy turf then get away with a large bag full of gold scot-free but not before sabotaging one of their base exterior structure while crippling their teamfighting capability at the same time by forcing Tinker to leave the scene and defend a tower which is already too late because I have already take down his tower by the time he materialize to the tower area and I keep repeating this process until I become fully loaded that none of those enemy can touch me without getting bitch slapped in return let alone BS who I used to be afraid of due to his ultimate.

Russell’s teapot, sometimes called the celestial teapot or cosmic teapot, is an analogy, coined by the philosopher Bertrand Russell — , to illustrate that the philosophic burden of proof lies upon a person making scientifically unfalsifiable claims, rather than shifting the burden of disproof to others. Russell specifically applied his analogy in the context of religion. Russell’s teapot is still invoked in discussions concerning the existence of God, and in various other contexts. I have another theory for the streaks.

I recently played several games of ranked that were all below avg, stomped them all because I was mmr higher than the avg and I play mostly carry. Having this swing of skill avg could lead to these streaks of wins and losses. Not saying this is true just a possibility. See, if you win mmr u get to play versus higher mmr and eventually u will set back. And sometimes it has to go further a while before it goes down.

Sign in with Steam. Esports Clips NEW! From what I have found over the course of a last few weeks is as follows – Every player is tagged as “Good” or “Bad” i. Sorry if the post was too long. This topic was edited But Your chance is way less. Explain this part. But same negative attitude shd be on the enemy team. Jacked, It could possibly well be. Like I said, it works independently. Both teams can have bad attitude.

This comment was edited This comment was deleted Jacked Not sure what you are trying to say here, but I explained what I have noticed. Where ca you evwn see your behavior score. Enable Console in your settings. So far u have given me some indication that you are biased. Jacked Skill level is subjective? How about game impact? Tell me more about my bias please. You have a fucked up win rate on heroes bruh. What is a good behavior score?

May 24, So I recently got back into dota and I started playing ranked after getting back on track with the farming and everything,then I decided to try. Nov 27, I play ranked matches every day with a party of same 5 friends. Been playing for about 6 years (this is my only account) but since last 2 months.

Now, what you’d hope is, after winning and playing well, you’d get matched against harder people. For example, if you were a “Silver” player, and now are as good as a “Gold” player, that you would enter a match with “Gold” players. Except, of course, the problem here, is that you would be a “Silver” players in a “Gold” game.

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Why does Strict solo matchmaking put two Legend 2 on the other team, and an Archon 2 as the highest rank on my team? Seems bad man.

DOTA 2: Four years and 2,824 matches later, a rant about why I friggin’ quit.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Dota 2 Store Page. So I recently got back into dota and I started playing ranked after getting back on track with the farming and everything,then I decided to try ranked for the first time and it just isn’t working properly in my case.

View Full Version: Matchmaking gives you bad allies instead of better enemies. Please listen Valve. Of course, smashing with friends raises this, but the problem lies in the fact this match making doesn’t reward good players. It punishes them with retarded team mates instead of moving them up the ladder into better games with better players. This has been griped about countless times, and Valve has to know the issue exists and their algorithm is not producing a happy player base. In every other MOBA game in this genre, you work your way up. I, and others, find it very hard to believe for an instant, if you have , players online and you win 5 games, you suddenly get put in the same game as very rotten players.

Everything from the look, the presentation itself, the UI, loading screens, and the character models has changed dramatically since

I have always defended the idea that matchmaking isn’t forcing games on you and you just have to get better to climb up. However after dropping significantly I decided to try and see why the hell am I getting such unbelievable teammates.

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