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  • Hooking up an old Atari 400
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Hooking up an old Atari 400

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Previous Next. Guest Guest. Archived from groups: Is the Atari an essential part of a classic collection in the same way that a Colecovision or Intellivision would be? The reason I ask this is because for one thing, there are plenty of gripes with the controller, and most people seem to agree that a centering controller would have been much more welcome for the For another thing, from my understanding, the is just about identical to the Atari internally.

Furthermore, very often the and games were identical ROMS. Why or why not? One thing that comes to mind is that the supported the trak ball, so that’s one point for the Anything else? For me, “emulation” doesn’t even enter into the picture when it comes to eliminating the usefulness of a system. Impmon wrote: JOJO Distinguished. Dec 31, 65 0 18, 0. The rocks. It’s the only way to play The Dreadnaught Factor. I don’t think there is a such thing as an essential part of any collection.

I don’t have any of the above systems, nor do I really intend to get them. A collection should be about someone’s own personal goals and interests, and that might be owning the system of their childhood, owning all the variants of a favorite game, or just buying the stuff you enjoy sharing with your buddies. That’s a must have game.. I think i like the controllers too. They are easy to fix. Jojo wrote: Can you provide names for the problematic ones?

On 18 Jun Mountain King and Pitfall are the 2 I know of. I’ve got a 2-port and I have both those games, which play just fine, so I guess mine must be an older 2-port. Doesn’t that instantly make it essential? From my vantage point, when you say , you pretty much say , A, and A I mean.. And that in and of itself, is one of the most essential classic game collections anyone can think of.

It’s just up to you what package you want it in if not all of them Some people do prefer the controllers believe it or not. The control difficulties are overblown at best.. Aside from their tendency to break, if you do find or make one that’s actually working, it’s not too bad. What the has that the regular computer brothers dont.. Speaking of Space Dungeon, that’s one of the BEST and only port of that arcade game, and it’s only available on the Ditto for some cool games like Countermeasure.

Just as an aside In this day and age of roms and emulation it’s pretty interesting seeing the various iterations of some games. Take Atari 8Bit Pacman. The version has the intermissions. The 8bit versions dont. In particular the sound Pacman makes when eating dots. And there are also some 8bit versions with what seems to be an attract screen that introduces the ghosts, etc.

Good times. I’ve never heard of any game other than Pitfall not running on the 2-port model. IMO, all Atari badged consoles are essential to any classic collection! Besides, on some games like Dreadnought Factor that stick really shines. And if you really can’t stand using the CX, you could always obtain one of the other controllers, or better yet custom build your own! For years now I have been impressed with Maverick’s conversion of a Jag controller to the Besides, if wonky controllers were reason enough to rule out collecting for the , then wouldn’t that rule out the ColecoVision and Intellivision as well?

Why not just download an emulator and play them on your PC? Honestly, if you aren’t going to play your games on their original platform, then why bother collecting ANY classic console at all? Dan Mazurowski wrote: I tried once, and found it extremely complicated. I’ve fixed controllers though. Also are they available to the public? How many controllers were available for the ? Is there any type of “adapter” you can use, like the adapter that can allow you to use a playstation controller on the Vectrex?

You have a point there.. Apparently it takes a bit of work to do this. But converting any standard style controller to the isn’t too hard. Check out the FAQ for a basic schematic. You can easily alter this circuit for use with a Genesis controller, allowing for the use of two fire buttons and a pause button – just like on the standard CX There is also an even simpler schematic to use a PC controller, if analog function is important to you for games like Missile Command. Here’s a link for the FAQ: This has to be somewhat of a complicated issue – probably related to specific production runs of the – because I have a 2-port and it plays every single cart I have, including Mountain King and Pitfall.

The Space Boss wrote: I’ve owned all three and I concur with my man Dan here, all three could have used some improvements, but they are what they are. But just using joysticks as an excuse not to own or like, I think is a pretty weak argument. There are several options in that department. That shouldn’t even come up anymore. And you can use sticks on the , for about the same price as what it would cost to buy the multicart of roms for the So that’s a wash. I thought this thread was gonna be on the amongst other classics, not just the The is a home console and looks damn nice, one of the nicest ever IMHO.

The not being able to play games, or the adapter on some models shouldn’t be a big deal either, you got no games playing on the either.. Maybe a even? But the adpater was an afterthought, and poorly executed. It doesn’t even sit up well on the , I don’t pull mine out of the box. But I have a hooked up ready to go so why bother with an adpater thru the ? RF switchbox on the 4ports was suppose to be an improvement, and I actually like that. If you keep it hooked up, it’s easy to play Atari with no reaching around to move a switch.

I think these break easily though, that’s a downer once you realize you can’t find these in any Radio shack. With so many variations of the 8-bit line, changes caused some titles not to work with all machines. And needing a keyboard handy while holding your CX40 on Star Raiders doesn’t exactly seem like a major plus.

I’m new to the Atari world so please excuse me if my question is downright ridiculous. I’ve an Atari that I would like to give to my young son. I’ve been. how do you hook up to tv what do i go to 2,3,4 on tv.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Most classic computers will work fine on a TV with proper composite inputs. You want to make sure your TV has aspect ratio selection as many simply horizontally stretch the 4: As for Atari’s, it will depend on which model you have and what cabling you have.

Then came the Magnavox Odyssey and Atari Pong!

Introduced in time for Christmas of the Atari was the little brother of the Atari It differed from the only in form, not in function.

Jungle River Cruise

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Atari 5200 hookup that

We offer a complete inventory of 8 Bit Atari computer repair parts down to component level, Switches, I. Chips, plastics Not all of the thousands and thousands of Atari 8 bit parts we carry are listed here. If you do not see the Atari 8 bit part you are looking for see the Best Rev. Jay G. Mark Y. The new boards work perfectly and the Atari is up and running again after 40 years. Thanks again! Cliff F.

A favourite among Atari hackers and collectors, the Atari XL was the first of the XL line of 8 bit computers that followed the Atari and Atari computers. While there is much to appreciate about the XL, it was generally not well received when initially launched in

I had access to a number of 8-bit computers in my childhood, but my most favorite was the Atari , a 1. Over a decade later, I was struck by both nostalgia and ambition and started to write a new 8-bit Atari emulator from scratch. This is the result.

Cutest Possible Atari Disk Drive

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content. All Auction Buy It Now. Best Match. Gallery View. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Works with all Atari Systems as well as any other system that uses the classic ‘switch box’ for AV connection. These switches have inputs and outputs made for modern cable-compatible TV’s. These work with any TV that has standard coaxial inputs! See similar items. Manufactured by:

The Atari 1200XL Computer

Provided by: OPTIONS -help Print complete and up-to-date list of command line switches -v Print emulator version -verbose Display framerate when exiting -config filename Specify an alternative configuration filename -autosave-config Automatically save the current configuration on emulator exit. A Operating System. B Operating System. Used to override paths defined at compile time. Use the most appropriate from the available ones.

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SD cards have been slowly but surely replacing disk drives for just about every old computer system out there. You no longer need k disks for your old mac , and your Commodore 64 can run directly off an SD card. This, along with an SD card slot, 3. This enclosure was printed at Shapeways, and with some enamel hobby paint, [rossumur] had a tiny, tiny drive. While this build does require the sacrifice of a somewhat rare and certainly old Atari SIO cable, it is by far the best solution yet seen for bringing a massive game library to the oft-forgotten Atari 8-bit home computers. Ah, well.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language. Check all interconnecting cables for good connection and correct hook-up before making service checks. Disconnect all peripherals except the monitor from the computer to eliminate possible external malfunctions. See “Cassette Operation” for instructions on loading and saving programs on a cassette recorder. The speaker will beep once. The program will then be loaded.

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