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Breaking cultural barriers through marriage seems to be the new boogie monster. It is a deviance that is often spoken about but almost rarely executed. Tales of being disowned, dishonored, and doomed are oftentimes the climactic focus of such unorthodox behavior. Undeniably, such horrific tales do evidently exist, however the outcome is not always so disastrous. I met my husband Darius at the age of

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Posts may be removed at discretion if we feel the content lacks in civility. Questions to all muslim ladies on interracial dating and marriage. I want to ask what is your stance on interracial marriage and dating. Do many muslims girls date or marry different races? Why is there a much higher proportion of muslims that date within their race as opposed to east asians for example, especially in the US or western countries. Dating isn’t permissible in Islam.

As for interracial marriage, there are tons of ethnocentric Muslims in the US though who would never marry outside of their group, which is regrettable. Some people are more open minded, but American Muslims as a whole are pretty ethnocentric people who still identify as whatever immigrant they are rather than as a Muslim or as an American. Insha’Allah that’l change in the coming generations so that converts don’t have to deal with this bakwas.

Why are they so ethnocentric? Is this the case with second generation muslims who were born in the US? Is it because they take pride in their religion or culture or family pressure? Mostly family pressure. Most Muslims I meet are obsessed with their perceived reputation and family plays a huge role in that. Sucks for us converts, but we get used to the loneliness. There are a lot of cross-cultural marriages in my mosque, and we are in a small city!

And rest assured.. I know of some sisters who have been raised here and are specifically looking for convert husbands! I grew up in L. My own cousin had an interracial marriage! I’m Irish in descent, but I don’t really care about that so you could just label me as “white. Ya, idk. Dating and meeting suitors are too completely different things to me, at least coming from a Western perspective.

As a second generation Muslim, not at all. Not at all. Most of us are not racist at all and hate ethnocentrism. Trust me, I hate ethnocentrism more than you do. This convert sista says that grouping by ethnicity is more of an US Muslims’ thing. I think that in big part that’s just a reaction to the alien American culture and the silly overnight naturalizations you have over there. A lot of them are just trying to reaffirm their national identity which is Something, not Something-American and hanging out with people from “back home” is the easiest way to do it.

That’s great. I really respect that there is a very strong identity and solidairty amongst the muslim youth in western countries. How would you best capture that spirit so other groups can adopt it. I can’t help it; I’m surrounded by them. I’ve had nothing but spicy Indian food for the past six iftars. Islam places a large emphasis on respecting your parents and being obedient. Of course, you are not allowed to be obedient to your parents in sinful things such as racism , but the point is there.

It’s like the effect Confucianism had on Asian cultures. I just could not wrap my head around this. And there seems to be a lot more rebelliousness of east asian women than muslim in this regard. Do you agree? Well, I’ll be sure not to let my future children marry black people, because it’s not smart to let them get involved with people who have such a violent and selfish culture, right? They are thinking how will you connect to your spouse’s family if there is a language barrier?

If you are a girl, will you have to cook the cultural food of your husband in addition to your own? Why worry about such obsolete gender roles and traditional nonsense? Cooking the cultural food of your husband? That’s a “logistical issue? The reason why many parents think this way is because in many Muslim cultures, marriage is two families coming together not just two people and you will end up heavily interacting with your spouse’s relatives. Does being of a different race mean that these interactions have to be negative?

This doesn’t even make any sense at all. Now you can either understand the other side a bit more or continue thinking “those poor poor born Muslims, their just brainwashed into their silly dumb culture where they’re all shallow and believe in reputation[1] and I’m soooo much better than them! No, he’s exactly right. They are largely brainwashed from stone age era tribalism that somehow was impervious to enlightened Islamic influence, and so they’ve managed to retain their sickeningly racist ways.

Racism and ethnocentrism must be confronted aggressively and without relenting. It has no place in Islam, and it has no place in the 21st century and beyond. Have you known a lot of muslim women who dated secretly? And what happens when you are disowned exactly? So even if the races were completely foreign but the guy was still muslim? Is that what it all comes down too? It’s a poor argument to make if you are trying to convince your parents to let you marry outside of your race.

I could just tell my parents that their desires contradict the precepts of Islam, and so they’d basically be compelled to discard their ethnocentric nonsense. If it’s un-Islamic and unacceptable from an Islamic vantage point see: And, most of our parents are fairly religious anyway. It’s an excellent argument. Not that it needs to be made in my case, however, since my parents aren’t from the stone age.

Culture is tribalism. Tribalism has no place in Islam. That’s great that your parents can do it but other parents can’t, that’s why interracial marriages are an issue in the first place. Otherwise, every Muslim could just go up to their parents willy nilly and say what you’re saying is haraam and they would just suddenly change their minds about the issue.

Most Muslim kids probably aren’t aware of the pain-staking lengths to which the prophet went to explicitly ban any racism from Islam, which is why they don’t exploit this to their favor. If most Muslim kids were as aware of this as I am, or were as persistent as I am, then it wouldn’t be a problem at all. No, it’s not unnecessary. If your parents are ethnocentric and racist, they are from the Stone Age.

Culture, in its conventional definition, is just exported tribalism. It is tribalism. It should be discarded in favor of doing whatever is most utilitarian from an Islamic perspective or pragmatic perspective. You fail to understand what I am saying. I’m not talking about actual racism, I’m talking about kids who get told not to marry outside of the race and instead just have a knee jerk reaction of “my parents are racists because they said no!

I understand what you’ve said fully. I understand it’s not actual racial supremacism, just a different type of racism that IS racism nonetheless.

That specific ayat always speaks to me from the Quran Allah makes no distinction between people of different races and does not differentiate between a race of people EXCEPT by their deeds. Islam doesn’t encourage interracial marriage and it doesn’t not encourage interracial. This indicates that it is not preferred between one interracial over another only piety and belief And Islam encourage acquaintance and love.

Or that I had joined an invisible club where everyone spoke and behaved differently to the way I had been used to all my life. It was almost like getting married to a revert changed the way people viewed me. They suddenly had a newfound respect and an interest in who I was…and this upset me somewhat. I am still the same person I was.

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This is a post I have been thinking about writing for quite some time because I have a lot of thoughts on this issue the reasons why may be obvious from the rest of this post and I wanted to get them down and get some feedback from other Muslims. Here is how I want to focus this topic:.

Amaliah Shorts: The Glorification of Interracial Marriage

This topic, which I have counseled numerous persons about, seems to be a growing option for American Muslims and undoubtedly a concern for many as well. The issues surrounding interracial marriages are indeed complex. Many Muslims who immigrated to the West have a hard time reconciling the idea of such potential unions which are perceived to threaten the possibility of their grandchildren losing their cultures and concerns over possible sons and daughters in laws and their families being unfamiliar and even disrespectful about their norms and mores. For African American Muslim women, who perhaps face the most daunting task out of any group of Muslim women in finding mates due to a shortage of single suitable African American Muslim men, compounded by the aversion to blackness that too many non-Black Muslims hold relating to standards of beauty, the pool of marriageable Muslims becomes even more decreased when African American Muslim men marry non-African American Muslim women or marry Christian women. Thus, the concerns that some Muslims hold relating to interracial marriages inside of our community should not all be chalked up as based in racial animus.

Welcome to /r/islam!

Dating website – 29, president obama and self-sufficiency. Big fish online dating funny — vagrant story takes place. In the black and add a fetus is an african-american religious movement that incorporates islam, muslim women marry outside of their faith. Islam still maintains rules. Visit the uk. Minister farrakhan explains why there is an introspective interview on male-female relationships. Islam still maintains rules such as a married man and men in the messengers june 28, farrakhan speaks on interracial marriage. Louis farrakhan, cathy hughes for example, where nation of nation of islam, has been dominated by isil does the following admonishment. This means some dating and recieving naked photos, during part of islam has captured attention once again -interracial relationships are not mix. Sep 23, irish dating!

Everyone is welcome in this subreddit.

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An open letter to Muslims considering an interracial marriage

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