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LDS and dating while separated?

I think I am posting in the right area. I didn’t know whether to post in the Singles area, since I am not really..? A bit of background info:. I was baptized when I was 21 and left the church not long after. I married a non member and we ended up separating in Dec. I truly believe we were meant to meet and he feels the same. We fell hard for each other and kept in touch ever since we live km’s apart and in different countries![rs_table_products tableName=”Best Dating Websites”]

LOL We get together when we can, talk all the time and it is going great! I returned to the church in Dec. I know that even without this amazing guy that I would stay a part of the church, I have my testimony back and am thankful. My problem is this: I am still not technically divorced! Everything is in motion towards that of course M knows about this. It could possibly take until summer until the divorce is finalized, possibly sooner. I have prayed about what to do regarding dating M while still technically married and I keep getting the feeling that I can proceed.

M and I agree that once I am actually divorced we can plan a lot easier. Right now we are in the “exclusive to each other but lets keep it fairly quiet” stage. Our close friends know, and my family and they are all supportive. Are we doing the right thing? I know this is a silly question and I am not sure why its bothering me considering I have prayed about it and feel I am on the right path.

My opinion. Absolutely not. Until you are officially divorced you are not available for dating. In fact when I was going through a divorce Wait at least one year after divorce before dating. During that first year you are extremely vulnerable and can make decisions based on feelings that have nothing to do with the way you feel towards anyone. Fully agree with Pam.

It definitely isn’t acceptable until you are divorced. You would be breaking the vows of marriage. You probably shouldn’t be alone with this man in the meantime. By all means, be friends – but if you’re wanting the truth – take it no further yet. In New Zealand here, you have to be separated specifically living apart for at least TWO years until you can even apply for a divorce.

I live in Canada, and in my situation you have to be separated a year in order to divorce. I haven’t lived with my ex and bare minimum contact since Dec. So yes. Right now you are in rebound mode, and you will be for a while after getting a divorce. Most rebound relationships end. You are on an emotional high from meeting someone so wonderful and nice of the opposite sex.

I don’t know why you are getting divorced, but what if you end up not divorcing? What if something occurs and you and your husband have a change of heart and are actually able to work things out? If that were to happen what a complication your infidelity would be just because sex isn’t happening doesn’t mean it’s not infidelity.

You may not think such a thing is possible, but that has been known to happen. Even if it doesn’t, do you really think that Heavenly Father would be happy with you, a married woman, dating someone other than your husband? Until you are divorced you are off limits. Or should be. I know this is probably sounding really harsh, but I have seen first hand what happens when a divorce is in process, or even separation, and one spouse decides to cheat, excuse me, date, before the divorce is final.

It is not worth inflicting that kind of pain on another human being. Even if you do not believe your husband deserves consideration, be a virtuous woman and wait until you are no longer married. If this man you want to date really is as wonderful as you say he is, he will respect you more for choosing to wait and he’ll be waiting for you when you are no longer bound in matrimony. I would be really, really, really, really careful. It’s possible that the feelings you’re having are indeed from the Spirit–but then again, it’s possible that they aren’t.

One of the reasons God gave us bishops is so that we have a relatively impartial third party who can as needed receive revelation on our behalf on topics where our own desires may lead us to ignore or misinterpret the promptings of the Spirit. I suggest you talk to yours. Ok, well thanks for the advice everyone. I wont go into details however I won’t be reconciling with my ex.

I will make an appointment with my bishop and go from there. Okay, that’s fine. You don’t need to go into details, and you don’t have to reconcile with your husband. Welcome to LDS Net. Glad to have you here! It is a happy feeling to have that testimony again after being away for so long At least that’s what I felt when I was first reactivated some years ago after being away. It sounds like you’ve really made a connection with this new person, and that there is no hope of reconciling with your soon to be former husband.

How do you feel about what’s been posted so far? I hope you don’t feel overwhelmed or that you haven’t been heard? I hear you when you say you haven’t been with your husband for a year now, and that your in a location where you have to wait so long before you can get a divorce. While I agree with not entering into a romantic exchange while still married, I know this can be difficult, and that you feel this relationship was providential. It may be. Would you both be willing to wait until you are single?

I believe by doing so you both will be blessed. That was just a month ago. Maybe you can look at this time as an opportunity to build yourself spiritually while waiting for your divorce to go through. Take time to become familiar with the gospel again and the scriptures Read, ponder and pray, as is said in primary, I believe. Learn what it is to feel the promptings of the Spirit regularly, build a base of friends at church. I would like to offer my friendship to you here at LDS Net. Enjoy being single again.

Not in the sense of dating so much as having fun at social activities in the church and with friends again. This will help you become ready to marry this man whom you tell us is an active latter day saint. It will help him enjoy conversing with you more so if you have a greater knowledge of the gospel Dove, you set it out perfectly. I apologise for not putting more thought into my post above I certainly didn’t mean to sound judgemental or telling you what to do at all. So I do hope that you have not been judged here – gosh, being so new back at church you probably felt this was a bit of a barrage of what not to do So I hope this isn’t the case.

I’m also newly active again, doing better than I ever have and happy because of that. But I also know how hard it can be If you are meant to be together, if you think you will spend eternity together, waiting till summer is not long at all. You certainly don’t want to start something wonderful in a way that is contrary to the way Heavenly Father wants you to do. I have known people who didn’t wait and ended up in a disasters’ relationship. If this guy is as great as you say, he also will have more respect for you if you do what is right.

You will also respect yourself more. Berry, I was separated three years before I filed for divorce. Ex kept ‘promising’ he would file, and like an idiot I believed him. It was a traumatic thing for me – to file – I finally found a Paralegal who did all the paper work for me. I was really hurt too when I was advised this. I had no intentions of becoming intimate in any way shape or form.

All three priesthood holders explained that we are to hold ourselves above reproach. To avoid being in a position of wrong doing.

in a relationship (“dating “) while going through a marriage separation from the board in regards to maintaining LDS standards through this. Ask Gramps – Q and A about Mormon Doctrine If you are not legally divorced, but only separated,then in the eyes of the church, you are still very much married, and are Thus dating while separated is not acceptable.

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I think I am posting in the right area. I didn’t know whether to post in the Singles area, since I am not really..?

This is a supplementary discussion from an episode of Mormon Channel Daily. Going through a divorce can be devastating emotionally, spiritually, and financially, whether or not there are children involved.

Separated but not Divorced: The LDS Church’s Uncomfortable Relationship with its Polygamous Past

Jun 24, Divorce , Mormon Doctrine 0 comments. If you are not legally divorced, then no it is not okay. According to some state laws, the divorce must be submitted for a period of time before it is official. Even then some states require a period of time before another marriage license can be issued. It can vary from a month or two to almost a year.

Is it okay to date while I’m separated?

If the present trend continues, one of four couples in the United States will get a divorce. Though the figure is generally lower in other countries, the worldwide shift toward more divorce is apparent. Generally speaking, most of us are naive and unknowledgeable about legal, financial, spiritual, and psychological aspects of divorce unless we are personally involved in some way. But each of us needs to learn what we can about divorce so that we can give intelligent support to those who may experience this difficult challenge through the dissolution of their marriage. Marriage is part of the plan for our salvation, and each of us is commanded to seek and develop a marriage relationship that will help us attain eternal life. Most Latter-day Saint adults enter into marriage with this principle in mind and maintain successful marriages. Yet in spite of their best intentions, some couples have insurmountable difficulties that result in separation or divorce. Divorce as a solution to marriage problems is not a decision most Latter-day Saints make quickly. A divorce may be sought by a couple only after years of trying to salvage their marriage. Though most of these people would choose to remain married, life together has become intolerable for them.

Legal separation in filing for divorce is adultery prior to obtain a pittsburgh separation is it is it affects issues of emotional protections that adultery. Do you mean legally married until the church advised.

This is, in part, because of the fitful, painful cessation of plural marriage and the ever present reminders of its complicated past. Divorce can be an ugly, painful experience that leaves all involved angry, confused, and embarrassed.

Lds legally separated dating

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Conscious Courtship: Part 3 of 4

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