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  • An Open Letter to Onkyo, USA
  • TX-NR509 Quick Setup Guide

As part of our commitment to quality and customer service we have determined that a limited number of Onkyo Brand receivers manufactured between and may experience loss of audio or loss of network connection. This malfunction has been traced back to a defective network chip. We deeply regret any frustration or inconvenience this situation may have caused. To determine if your receiver is eligible under this Customer Care Program please click here. If you submit items for trade-in that do not meet the condition criteria that are specified or are counterfeit, duplicate, stolen or the receiver is missing the Serial Number Label, are not entitled to the benefits of either the Customer Care Program or Trade-in Program. We may revise the Terms and Conditions of the Trade-in program at any time and may suspend or terminate the program at any time without notice to you.


X, HDCP2. Designed to deliver the ultimate audio and video experience, the AVR-XWA is packed with the latest audio, video and networking technologies, including Dolby Atmos surround decoding, which re-creates the stunning three-dimensional soundspace of the latest blockbuster movies. Featuring built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the AVR-XWA lets you stream music wirelessly from your home network and connected devices, and features Apple AirPlay along with Pandora, SiriusXM, and Spotify Connect music streaming services, as well as internet radio streaming that lets you choose from thousands of internet radio stations around the globe.[rs_table_products tableName=”Best Dating Websites”]

Prepared for the future, the AVR-XWA features an advanced video processor that can upscale and transcode standard definition and high definition video sources to 4K Ultra HD, and it also features full compatibility with the latest 4: The audio section is fully outfitted with the latest high resolution audio technologies, and includes the full Audyssey Platinum suite of advanced sound processing functions, including Audyssey MultEQ XT 32 automatic room acoustic measurement and correction, and Audyssey Sub EQ HT which provides precision measurement and correction for dual subwoofer setups.

Rated at watts per channel maximum output power, the AVR-XWA features no less than 9 power amplifier channels, each one identical to the others, and all feature our exclusive DHCT Denon High Current Transistor discrete power output devices that operate in Class AB mode, and all channels are rated to drive lower impedance 4 ohm speaker loads. The height information, captured in recording or created during the mixing process, is mixed into a standard 5.

It recognizes Mono, Stereo, 5. Regardless of original format, you can always experience the stunning effect of sound in 3D. Launched in premium movie theaters in , Dolby Atmos has revolutionized cinema surround sound, discarding the decades-old channel-based sound mixing approach in favor of much more advanced object-based sound mixing that features the ability to place sounds in specific planes – horizontally all around you as well as vertically via overhead speakers.

Quickly becoming the choice of top Hollywood directors, sound designers and mixing engineers, Dolby Atmos has become the de facto standard sound mixing and theater playback system, and the AVR-XWA with Dolby Atmos decoding lets you experience the same thrilling three-dimensional surround sound effect at home. Unlike channel-based surround sound, Dolby Atmos is fully scalable to precisely deliver the true theatrical experience in the home, and dynamically adjusts the in-home sound mix depending on the type and placement of the speakers in your home theater.

The AVR-XWA gives you tremendous flexibility in configuring your home theater setup, thanks in part to the 9 amplifier channels that let you connect a 5 speaker surround system plus 1 or 2 subwoofers along with 2 pairs of overhead speakers. Or, you can connect a 7 speaker plus subwoofers system along with 1 pair of overhead speakers. The latest immersive surround sound system, DTS: X and DTS Neural: X Upmixer can be enabled through an online firmware update.

For more info, please visit www. There are 3 HDMI outputs 2 for the main room including 1 with Audio Return Channel and 1 for the second zone that let you enjoy 2 different sources in 2 different rooms at the same time. Stream your favorite music wirelessly to the AVR-XWA via the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, which include dual antennas for optimum transmission quality, even in congested environments. The Bluetooth function features automatic power on and pairing, and up to 8 devices can be remembered.

Apple AirPlay seamlessly integrates your favorite iOS devices, including the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad so you can enjoy all your favorite iTunes tracks wirelessly. There’s also DLNA 1. Listen to your favorite tracks and music genres via Pandora, SiriusXM and Spotify Connect streaming services not all services are available in all markets, subscription required , and choose from literally thousands of internet radio stations from around the globe.

Enjoy your favorite local radio stations with HD Radio. The AVR-XWA features an advanced DSP processing block with 4 bit floating point DSP processors working in concert and which have a combined processing power of over 10 billion computational operations per second. This ensures consistent high fidelity and precise channel matching across all channels for the ultimate listening experience.

DTS Neo: X uses advanced DSP algorithms to derive up to 11 channels, including front height and front width channels that dramatically expand the front soundstage. With the supplied measurement microphone, MultEQ XT32 analyzes each speaker’s output including the subwoofers at up to 8 measurement locations and generates precision digital filters that optimize each channel for the correct frequency and time domain response.

Audyssey Dynamic Volume smoothes out annoying jumps in volume such as TV commercials , letting you listen at lower levels and still enjoy clear dialog, music and sound effects. Audyssey Dynamic EQ provides precision tonal tailoring for full range clarity at any listening level. Audyssey Low Frequency Containment uses advanced psychoacoustic algorithms to deliver a full range tonal balance, including deep bass, but without disturbing close-by neighbors or family members in other rooms, and features a multi-step adjustment that lets you dial in the amount of containment to your preference.

Audyssey Sub EQ HT provides individual DSP tailoring of each subwoofer in a dual subwoofer setup, for deeper bass with improved definition, compared to a single subwoofer configuration. When connected to a compatible Denon disc player, our exclusive Denon Link HD system provides a dedicated pathway for the critical timing data to eliminate distortion caused by jitter errors in the main data stream.

Denon’s exclusive AL32 Multi Channel processing provides ultra high resolution digital audio filtering along with precision noise shaping on all of the audio channels to deliver shimmering detail in the highs, along with smooth natural midrange and a broad soundstage with improved imaging. Our advanced Eco amplifier mode adjusts power consumption according to signal level, and there’s an on-screen Eco Mode display that lets you see the power consumption reduction in real time.

You can easily configure the AVR-XWA for multi-room listening by hooking up a second pair of speakers to two of the amp channels, which lets you enjoy 7. For even more multi-room options, the AVR-XWA features variable level 2nd and 3rd zone stereo pre-amp outputs for connection to external power amplifiers and speakers and you can enjoy HDMI and digital audio sources in the 2nd and 3rd zones thanks to mulizone digital to analog conversion.

Our all zone stereo feature also allows you to play the same signal in all zones with the touch of a button. Dual Subwoofer Outputs. With a single subwoofer setup, room acoustics and the subwoofer’s location may not deliver optimum deep bass response. Instead, because of room resonances, deep bass quality may be uneven. With the AVR-XWA’s dual subwoofer outputs, you can connect dual subwoofers, and place them in different parts of the room, and enjoy smoother and more accurate deep bass response.

The high quality speaker terminals feature multi-way connectors to handle various types of cable terminations, and they’re all color coded for correct hookup the very first time. Color coded speaker labels are also included to ensure quick and correct hookup with no hassle. For remote control compatibility with other components in your home theater system, the AVR-XWA features IR infrared remote control input and output ports on the rear panel. Dual 12V trigger outputs are provided, which lets you connect the AVR-XWA to a drop-down front projection screen, motorized drapes, or other component or system that can be remotely activated via 12V trigger signals.

There are 4 Quick Select function buttons on the front panel that let you choose your favorite sources quickly, and the AVR-XWA will remember your preferred sound settings for each source. There are also 4 Quick Select function buttons on the ergonomic remote control. You can even control the setup via your PC’s web browser, or use our available Denon Remote apps with your favorite smart device.

In addition to the available Denon smartphone apps, we’ve created a new Denon Remote app specifically for tablet devices, and it’s available for iPads, Android tablets as well as the Kindle Fire. On the front panel, there’s a convenient USB port that lets you stream tunes from your iPod, iPod touch, or iPad and charge it at the same time.

Auro 3D upgrade. Audyssey DSX. Multichannel Stereo. Discrete Power Amplifier. HD Digital 32 bit. Pure Direct. Clock Jitter Reducer. Denon Link HD. Audyssey LFC. Compressed Audio Restorer. DLNA Certified v1. Lossy Formats: Lossless Formats: DSD Audio Streaming. Internet Radio. Ethernet Ports. HDCP 2. DSD Audio Capability. Audio Return Channel. Auto LipSync.

Zone Audio Source: Zone Audio Output: ISF Certification. Setup Assistant. Firmware Update by: Variable Cross Over. Optimized Bass Redirection. Bass Sync. ECO Mode. Auto Power Off. Sleep Timer. Multi-room Video Out: Phono MM In. Multi-room Out: Multichannel Preout Speaker Terminal: Front Inputs: Power Output 8 ohm, 20 Hz – 20 kHz, 0. Power Output 6 ohm, 1 kHz, 0. Metal Front Panel.

Maximum Dimensions Antenna: W x D x H in Inches Antenna: Receivers Soundbar Upgrades. Mini Systems. Log into your account. Forgot your password?

Downloads hookup. WE ARE LOCATED AT. Onkyo USA Corporation 18 Park Way Upper Saddle River, New Jersey Onkyo USA provides you with top level support. Firmware Updates, Owner Manuals, Remote Control Codes, Hookup Diagrams, Brochures.

Backed by 70 years of experience building high-grade audio components, the TX-NR amplifies accurate, noise-free signal processing with high-current power for dynamic speaker control. The result is pure, rich and authentic sound. Line outputs can connect your home theater sources to a separate hi-fi system. Manage playback using Onkyo Controller.

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X, HDCP2. Designed to deliver the ultimate audio and video experience, the AVR-XWA is packed with the latest audio, video and networking technologies, including Dolby Atmos surround decoding, which re-creates the stunning three-dimensional soundspace of the latest blockbuster movies.

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Lively dynamics, deep bass, and layered detail emerge from warm and expressive tuning. WRAT delivers high-current power stability via large custom capacitors, while low-NFB amps capture the depth and spatiality of analog and hi-res recordings. The A invites you into each album, the hours passing comfortably in pure analog sound. Dynamic changes in music cause impedance to fluctuate. If power can’t be delivered when impedance drops, sound quality suffers. Onkyo’s solution is WRAT, specifically its high-output EI transformer, huge custom-made main audio capacitors, and carefully selected high-quality parts.

TX-NR509 Quick Setup Guide

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Alternatively, you can also use the extra channels to drive speakers in Zone 2 and Zone 3. Instantly upgrade the music streaming capability of your home theater with Sonos Connect and a free firmware update.

A Remote Interactive jack on the back helps unify your controls with compatible Onkyo CD players, digital tuners, and network streamers. The amplifier uses a high-output transformer, discrete transistors, and audio-grade capacitors to keep your signal as clean as possible. This attention to detail extends to the chassis as well, with a thicker, more rigid frame that better dampens vibrations than its predecessor.

An Open Letter to Onkyo, USA

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. For a start, you get six of the latest HDMI 1. HDMI 1. Three-stage inverted Darlington circuitry and jitter-cleaning technology work to ensure extremely precise and faithful amplification. Onkyo TX-SR 7. The Universal Port for Onkyo peripherals lets you enjoy your iPod or iPhone using optional Onkyo docks sold separately. As the latest version of this connector, HDMI 1. Previously available only on mid-range and high-end receivers, now you can take full advantage of your Blu-ray movies for a true cinematic audio experience. The TX-SR offers two new surround-sound technologies from Audyssey and Dolby that offer exciting new ways to set up the speakers in your home theater system. Audyssey DSX lets you incorporate “front wide” speakers in place of the usual surround back speakers to expand the width of the soundstage. These channels carry ambient, non-directional audio that adds a new vertical dimension to your movies and games. Dolby Pro Logic IIz provides a similar front height speaker option that likewise works to create a more enveloping home theater experience.


Rated 4. Home current Contact Copyright Privacy Search. Home Theater Systems Surround Sound Ht S Onkyo Usa Onkyo Home Theater Wiring Diagram – home theater work tips home theater works are no longer just for the wealthy prices have dropped substantially over the past few years to make quality hdtvs wireless routers receivers with distributed audio puters speakers and other htn equipment affordable view and download onkyo htr service manual online htr receiver pdf manual download also for htr b upper saddle river nj may 31 integra today announced the next iterations of its reference grade work a v receivers with its new dot 2 series view and download onkyo ht s instruction manual online onkyo ht s user guide ht s receiver pdf manual download also for ht r audio visual audio safet multi room music systems can bring quality music to many or even all areas of your home the kitchen deck bedroom dining areas everywhere assembling a home theater system using separate ponents may seem plicated but doesn t have. Securely Verified.

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Warranty & Support

Onkyo is a digital audio receiver most often used in surround sound systems. This means the Onkyo receiver is capable of connecting to your television and providing stereo surround sound for all of your movies, video games and television programs if surround sound is available. Onkyo devices are also capable of receiving and playing all HD audio formats. Determine if you are connecting your Onkyo receiver to a standard definition television or an HD television. The cable connections are going to be different for both TV sets. There are going to be a variety of different audio in ports, each marked for a different device.

An Open Letter to Onkyo, USA

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TX-NR509 Quick Setup Guide

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