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  • Top 10 Best Dating Spots in Kathmandu Valley
  • The most common dating spot in Kathmandu – Garden of Dreams
  • Dating places around Kathmandu valley
  • Top 10 Best Dating Spots in Kathmandu Valley
  • 23 Places to Visit in Kathmandu Valley for Couples
  • 23 Places to Visit in Kathmandu Valley for Couples
  • Top 10 dating spots in Kathmandu valley

Kathmandu has become so crowded that it is very hard to find the private dating spots. The city has been rather famous for houses, apartments, vehicles and the pollution. It is very hard to find any private places where you can spend your quality time with the loved one. However, our team has researched top 8 best dating spots in Kathmandu valley. If you are searching for the private places where you can spend a good time with your lover, then here is the list:. When it comes to private dating spot, Nagarkot is the best option for anyone.

Top 10 Best Dating Spots in Kathmandu Valley

With so many incredible tourist places in Kathmandu you could never be bored here, and when you travel to Nepal you should ensure you spend at least a few days here. Kathmandu boosts everything from ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples to spice markets bound to have you sneezing or buying exotic products by the kilo. Kathmandu is crazy busy all year round so I have put together this article to help find the best places to visit in Kathmandu.

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Situated 7 kilometres from the centre of Thamel, Boudhnath or Boudha is possibly the top of the list of the most stunning tourist places in Kathmandu. Boudha is one of the largest stupas in Asia a Stupa is a place of worship where Buddhist generally visit for worship. Boudha was said to be built around AD, around the same time the Tibetan King decided to convert to Buddhism, which makes Boudha a very sacred place for Buddhists.

Boudha can get very busy, and a few tips from an insider informed me that the best time to visit is just on dark when locals come out to light butter lamps and burn incense. South of Thamel lays Durbar Square, which unfortunately was severely damaged in the earthquake. Durbar Square is collection of temples, stupas and the odd Sadhu or two. Durbar Square is quite easily accessed from Thamel, some metres away, and once you are there you can explore some of the larger temples or just sit back and watch people feed pigeons.

It can be quite overwhelming with all of the different structures, so to help you out these are a few sites to check out in Durbar Square:. Seto White Bhairab — a large carving of a strange looking creature said to be made in which is popular among pilgrims during the Indra Jatra festival in September. Jagannath Temple — One of the oldest structures in Durbar Square with strange, erotic carvings situated on the struts of the roof with 3 doors that appear to gain you access to the temple with only one that opens.

Taleju Temple — is described as the most magnificent temple in Durbar but is not easily accessed by Hindus or tourists. Taleju is 35 metres high which holds 12 smaller temples inside surrounded by 4 gates. Indrapur Temple — No one really knows which God this temple was built for. Mahendreshwar Temple — Topped with a golden umbrella, this temple is dedicated to the God Shiva. Mahendreshwar Temple is constantly buzzing with pilgrims despite its strange appearance. Swayambhunath is a listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and rightly so, as its a gorgeous historical site, and provides some of the best accessible views of Kathmandu with basically degree views.

To me, Swayambhunath given its location, is one of the best places to visit in Kathmandu. The Swayambhunath stupa is decorated with prayer flags that are placed amongst an array of temples, stupas and statues. The best time to visit Swayambhunath is early morning around am, when the skies are calm and there are drastically less people at the stupa. Walking around Swayambhunath is best done in accordance to local custom by walking around in a clockwise direction kora ; this also stops you from running into people coming the other way.

Swayambhunath, like Boudhanath, can be slightly confusing as there is so much happening. Great Thunderbolt — The thunderbolt of Dorje is a gigantic brass made thunderbolt which is a symbol of enlightenment. This can be found at the eastern stairway. Eastern Stairway — If you are feeling fit, why not take the stairs? The eastern stairway was constructed in the 17 th century which leads directly to the great thunderbolt and the stupa itself. But be careful when ascending or descending these stairs as macaques will try to bite you or steal your food.

Western Stupa — From the main entrance take a left and meander the stone cobbled path until you come across a Gompa perched overlooking the mountains surrounding Kathmandu. Buddha Amideva Park — One of the lesser visited places at Swayambhunath is the Buddha Amideva Park where 3 enormous statues made from gold are erected dedicated to Guru Rinpoche. The gorgeous Swayambhunath, one of the best places to visit in Kathmandu.

Thamel is the most popular tourist place in Kathmandu so be prepared for street vendors trying to sell you flutes and a whole lot of exotic souvenirs. Thamel central is the ultimate place to chill out in the city, and is usually the top thing people from abroad are keen on when thinking of what to see in Kathmandu.

Lots of the shops in Thamel Marg are the same and prices of souvenirs will be the same from shop to shop. For a great coffee, head upstairs to Himalayan Java Coffee, order a Honey Latte where you can sit above Mandala Street and watch the world go by. Pashminas — a pashmina is a scarf made from goat hair which usually comes from the higher Himalaya. The higher the percentage of goat hair the more expensive the pashmina will be.

Singing bowls — are a type of bell generally made from copper and tin which when tapped softly, a small wooden stick is used to vibrate the sound to create a soothing low frequency sound. If you buy a singing bowl, make sure you go for the handmade ones not the machine made bowls as handmade bowls create a higher quality sound. Prayer Flags — When buying prayer flags, make sure you buy flags that will breakdown after a period of time because the last thing you want is a mess of flags covering the landscape.

You will be able to buy prayer flags in almost every shop you go to. Kumari Restaurant — somewhat remaining relevant to its older days, Kumari Restaurant is cheap and provides an assortment of local and international cuisines. Snowman — one of the more strange places to relax is Snowman Restaurant. Grab a cake and coffee and be immersed into what Freak Street used to be like. This is the place to go to get your serving of fresh fruit and vegetables. Asan Tole is a bit like an outside supermarket with everything from exotic spices, marigolds, and yak off-cuts to bottles of homebrew Rakshi by the litre.

Asan Tole is so popular for growers and sellers that produce from the far reaches of the Kathmandu Valley is bought in on a daily basis. Perched on the banks of the holy Bagmati River, Pashupatinath is highly sacred Hindu temple where you can see the holy men known as Sadhus creating crazy poses for the camera and eye opening cremations along the river Bagmati. Pashupatinath, although quite expensive to enter, is one of the best places to visit near Kathmandu; the experiences possible are truly amazing.

Start your adventure by visiting Pashupatinath Temple, which is the largest structure in the area painted gold. You cannot enter unless you are a Hindu, but from just walking around the grounds, you are able to grab an insight into what actually happens within the temple. The cremation Ghats located along the river Bagmati are bound to move you in some way or form, so be prepared to see confronting scenes.

The ceremony itself can be witnessed by anyone but please be respectful and do not take film or footage as this is a very distressing time for families in attendance. Ram Temple — a great place to visit during the Maha Shivarati Festival where Sadhus gather in celebration meaning you have a chance to capture some amazing portraits or have the opportunity to learn about why the Sadhus are so holy.

Gorakhnath Temple — This temple is perched above Mrigasthali Deer Park and can be quite hard to find but is worth the visit as the temple bathed in red and white which is quite different from other temples in Pashupatinath. It is quite a contrast to what is outside of the gates as green grass, ponds filled with lilies and lush trees which all come together to create a mini botanical gardens in the middle of Kathmandu.

One of the lesser visited monasteries, this is quite the hidden gem. Kopan Monastery sits above the city of Kathmandu providing stunning degree views. Kopan is a place for Tibetan Buddhism where pilgrims come to visit, along with tourists seeking relaxation and meditation, and in the last few years has become increasingly popular due to the stunning architecture. Currently, Kopan Monastery hosts students, teachers, monks and lamas all to which to learn Tibetan Buddhism.

It is often very difficult to capture a glimpse of this young girl unless you are attending the Indra Jatra Festival in September, however the Kumari Bahal house of the Kumari can be seen by visiting Durbar Square. Why would you want to see the house of the Kumari? The building its self is quite architecturally spectacular, with a three story courtyard, to which the Kumari can be seen wandering around. Please note that you are not allowed to take photos or film of the girl herself as it is strictly prohibited.

This is definitely one of the most unique buildings and dining experiences you can experience in Kathmandu. Bhojan Griha is a year old building built for past royals who resided in this now kind of scary building from the inside , but Bhojan is so full of life with its amazing 5-course traditional Newari feast and it truly is amazing!

The service is almost faultless and the traditional dancing that happens while you are eating away at delicious vegetable thali with a side of Raksi home brew. Heading northeast out of Kathmandu from Thamel you will come across Chabahil Stupa which is a smaller version of Bodhnath and Swayambhunath, which unfortunately was damaged in the earthquake to now has been restored back to its original ways. Chabahil Stupa is not as busy as the bigger stupas leaving you with more room to explore without bumping into someone.

Have you been? Found the list useful? Leave a comment below and let me know! Thamel is the centre of everything in Kathmandu, and things have gotten a whole lot quieter here due to cars and trucks being blocked from entering these streets. Thamel is a safe suburb to stay and is relatively clean. Thamel boasts an array of restaurants, shops and sites to visit. The rooms are stunning, offering all the necessities for a comfortable stay in Kathmandu. Nepali Ghar even has its own gym and balcony to which you can sit back and enjoy a fine cup of masala tea.

Book it on Agoda. Soaltee provides a haven for relaxation amongst the hustle of Kathmandu where you can enjoy the use of a gym, fine dining, pool and massage. What makes KGH a success story is that it was severely affected by the earthquake, to which most of the structures became reduced to rubble, and since then KGH has bounced back to be a stunning place to stay and is relatively cheap given its unique position in Thamel.

Situated only a few kilometres from Thamel, Dilli Bazaar is quite a good option to stay in Kathmandu, although it can be tricky getting to and from your hotel to Thamel and surrounds. Some of the hotels are new and are not necessarily on Google maps or known to your taxi driver. However, Dilli Bazaar is nice if you want to escape the masses of tourists staying in Thamel. Based on Newari architecture, Traditional Comfort is a stunningly established building only a few kilometres from the cities centre.

Everything from your room to dining at the restaurant or on the rooftop is faultless…the rooftop is awesome with nearly degree views of Kathmandu where you can enjoy a sunrise or sunset. All thoughts, opinions and hours spent at stupas are, as always, my own. I have an outgoing nature. I love to travel and visit different new places. Though I was born in Kathmandu, I have not gone to many beautiful places that you have included in your article. Thank you so much for this informative article.

I will recommend my friends too to visit your site once. Nepal is a peaceful country. The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu. You are surely going to love your vacation here. You can spend quality time with your loved one. It is the best destination to observe the Hinduism and Buddhism. If you are foody then you are going to love the city.

The information flowed by the article about the places to visit and stay in Kathmandu is surely going to help people who want to visit Nepal.

In this article, we have collected the best private dating places in Kathmandu where you can spend your most precious moments with your partner and feel the . Some of the best dating spots in Kathmandu valley and some of the best destinations for the couples who wants to spend time together.

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Kathmandu city offers you lots of nice places to spend quality time this valentine with your loved one. If you are in search of such places where you and your loved one could spend some personal time this blog will help you.

With so many incredible tourist places in Kathmandu you could never be bored here, and when you travel to Nepal you should ensure you spend at least a few days here. Kathmandu boosts everything from ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples to spice markets bound to have you sneezing or buying exotic products by the kilo.

Dating places around Kathmandu valley

Garden of dreams is the first name that comes to anybody’s mind when looking for best dating spot in Kathmandu. Good place in heart of city. Just the disappointment was restaurant over there were over priced. A beautiful oasis of calm and tranquility behind the high walls that separate it from the busy roads and traffic of Tamal. Good plants, some interesting species of trees with plenty of areas where a visitor,and local alike, can take five on the grass or on one of the many benches.

Top 10 Best Dating Spots in Kathmandu Valley

But the surrounding environment also should be romantic enough in order to make better dating day. If you are looking for best and romantic dating spot in Kathmandu valley, then here is the list of top 10 best dating spot in Kathmandu valley. The botanical garden is located at the base of Mount Phulchoki m. It is in Lalitpur district, south-east corner of the Kathmandu. The area of the Garden is 82 hectares. It is surrounded by evergreen natural forests and habitats of more than different species plants. Especially, spring and autumn is the peak flowering season. A small entry fee is charged.

The Kathmandu Valley is located in Nepal, and it lies at the crossroads of the ancient civilizations of Asia, which has at least important monuments, including the several pilgrimage sites for the Hindus and Buddhists.

It is in the base of Phulchoki. The total area of the garden is 82 hectares which is surrounded by evergreen natural forests and habitats of more than ddifferent species plants.

23 Places to Visit in Kathmandu Valley for Couples

It is in the base of Phulchoki. The total area of the garden is 82 hectares which is surrounded by evergreen natural forests and habitats of more than ddifferent species plants. It is best to go in woorking days to enjoy the sun and have pleasure time, as on public holidays it is popular picnicking location. Small entry fee is charged. It s the best place to get refreshment. You can enjoy the beautiful arts of Buddhist monastery. Nagarkot is one of the best destinations for couples. It is located in the Bhaktapur district which is 32 km northeast of Kathmandu. It is best for one night stay. You can observe the Arial view of Kathmandu valley and sun rise from there.

23 Places to Visit in Kathmandu Valley for Couples

But if we say you can feel the Valentine this year, this month in this Kathmandu, how would you feel? Getting excited!!!! Yes, you can feel the Valentine right now in the Kathmandu. Nature blessed Nepal so much that it really looks like a piece of Heaven has just fallen on earth. People from all over the world love to come to Nepal. But having adventure, fun and best moments that you could have a smile on your face just by remembering it. In this article, we have collected the best private dating places in Kathmandu where you can spend your most precious moments with your partner and feel the Valentine.

Top 10 dating spots in Kathmandu valley

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