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Boy meets girl; boy falls for girl, but girl is dating another boy. Cut to sushi bar a year and a half later: Boy and girl fall madly in love. Two weddings, one conversion and a hit show later, and boy and girl can finally! On Lost Girl, Anna plays supernatural seductress Bo, who feeds on the sexual energy of humans. I just knew I had to meet her.

How Old is That Silk Artifact?

When Cindy Moon was a child, her parents found out that she had an eidetic memory. Her mother wanted Cindy to focus on her studies while Cindy would rather continue playing on her school hockey team with her secret boyfriend, Hector Cervantez. When her mother found out, she was forced to go to the school field trip to General Techtronics and Cin told her she hated her.[rs_table_products tableName=”Best Dating Websites”]

When high school student Cindy Moon was attending a public exhibition demonstrating the safe handling of nuclear laboratory waste materials, sponsored by the General Techtronics Corporation, a spider irradiated by a particle accelerator used in the demonstration, bit Peter Parker on the hand and fell from his hand, it then bit Cindy in her ankle before dying. A man by the name of Ezekiel Sims came and took Cindy away.

He trained Cindy in the use of her powers until he realized the totemic predator Morlun was tracking her. He then locked her away in a room that blocks Morlun’s detection at the bottom of his tower to protect her from him. This bunker had years worth of food, books, and tapes on the outside world which Cindy watched every day. Cindy’s story was revealed to Peter Parker thirteen years later, when he was now the hero known as Spider-Man, after the Orb unleashed several of the Watcher ‘s secrets to the world.

Overwhelmed by this revelation, he went to free Cindy. She tried to warn him about Morlun, but he opened the door anyway and she attacked him for dooming them to being hunted down by Morlun. Peter reveals that Morlun is dead, and after realizing she was free, she made an improvised costume of webs and told Spider-Man to call her Silk before going to her parents’ home. After realizing that her parents moved, Spider-Man promised to help her find them.

She asked him when Morlun died, but after he told her that he had died twice, she realized that he had already returned from the dead once and attacked him, telling him that he could return again. Morlun, who had indeed returned, sensed her liberation and started his greatest hunt. Cindy attacked him for wasting her sacrifice, pulling him with a webline and asking him if he can feel that they are all in danger. Peter realized that his Spider-Sense was overloaded like it never was before.

Silk pulled his mask up and they kissed. Almost immediately, the two began an extremely intimate relationship, surprising Anna at the apartment she shared with Peter. She felt threatened by the presence of Anna and told her forcibly to back off from Peter, though she later apologized. She later helped Spider-Man against Electro and the Black Cat when they attacked the television station that Peter was giving an interview at to promote his new humane Superhuman Prison.

Cindy later accompanied Peter to the demonstration of the technology to depower Electro being held in Waterfront, which was sabotaged by the Black Cat. In their costumed identities, Peter and Cindy fought the villains. Silk saved innocents from the machine gone haywire, and later protected Spider-Man and Electro from its explosion, which luckily depowered the villain.

Cindy then joined the Fact Channel so such enormous information center would help her find her missing family. When Octavius accused her of getting his best soldiers killed, Cindy attracted the attention of Brix and Bora before jumping through a random portal, followed by Jessica Drew and Spider-Man Noir. Jessica swaps teleporters with her to evacuate her from Loomworld , and Cindy travels to Earth However, their rescue attempt was kiboshed when Cindy’s teleporter was destroyed in an altercation with multiversal pirates, stranding them on Loomworld.

Cindy protested that none of their hardships were her fault, but was berated by Spider-Woman for her incompetence and lack of responsibility. Their argument was interrupted when Verna , Brix, and Bora attacked to capture the Bride. Upon learning Cindy was in danger, the surviving Spiders, including a now-redeemed Karn , went to Loomworld for a final battle to save her, Benjy, and those whose with them to stop Inheritors.

Morlun cut Cindy’s palm, severing the Bride’s connection to the Web of Life and preventing new Spider Totems from arising through chance. After the Inheritors are defeated and the Master Weaver is killed by Otto Octavius, Morlun, enraged, attacks Spider-Man to kill him for ruining their plans. Spider-Man created a portal to Earth, then escapes thanks to Silk, who tells him that since they were bitten by the same spider she can sense him across the Multiverse.

As the Spider Army rests for a few minutes, Cindy tells Peter his pheromones are arousing her, but he agrees and replies with “Cindy, honey, it’s been a really long day. On Loomworld, the remainder of the Spider-Army bid their goodbyes. Karn realizes someone is tampering with the Web of Life and Destiny , and they rush to the web to find Otto Octavius hacking at the Web with Morlun’s dagger. When Karn shouts that he could destroy the Multiverse, Otto sneers that he’s aware of his destiny and rejects his fate, revealing that he figured out that Peter is from the future.

Otto battles with Spider-Woman and Spider-Girl, stating that by destroying the Web he’s giving them free will. When Anya sees that there’s totemic script on the dagger, Otto attempts to stab her before being punched away by Peter. Otto sneers that Peter is a coward for ganging up on him, but Peter points out that he did the same thing as the founder of the Sinister Six.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Anya immobilizes Otto’s arm and reads that there will always be a Master Weaver at the center of the Great Web. Silk recalls that the Inheritors referred to her as the “Spinner at the centre of the Web” and wonders if her destiny is to take the Weaver’s place, while Otto again tries to stab Anya, snapping that his world needs him and that he’s the greatest Spider-Man ever.

Peter and Jessica knock him back, and Anya secures the dagger, reading that anyone can take the place of the current Weaver, but only death can free the Weaver from their sacred obligation. Silk, having spent most of her life trapped in one room, balks at the idea of spending the rest of eternity trapped again, and Karn commiserates with her.

As Peter and the other Spiders fight Otto, Karn notices a slot that fits the prongs of the spear he made as a child, which acts as a key to open the mechanism. When Silk asked how he could possibly be in two places at once, Karn states that the flow of time differs in Earth , using the coexistence of Peter Parker and Otto Octavius as an example.

When Anya states that only a Spider Totem should be able to repair the web, Karn states that he’s consumed enough Totems for their essence to enable him to take the Weaver’s place, donning the Weaver’s mask and stating that this shall be his penance and hopefully salvation. Peter defeats Otto, who feigns surrender but puts Anna on a day standby. Anya asks Karn if he can repair the damage done by the Inheritors and Otto, and Karn states that in time he can fix the Web, but that in the meantime all the Spiders’ connections to it will be diminished, weakening their Spider-Senses.

As Karn prepares to return him to the past, Otto swears revenge on him, which Karn dryly retorts that he already got by killing his future self. As Otto swears that he’ll find a way to survive, Peter shoves him through the portal and he reappears in the aftermath of the chronoton implosion that time-displaced him in the first place, his memory of the recent events erased. Karn remarks that weaving and repairing the Great Web is new to him, but that the existence of Earth has been stabilized.

However, he is unable to open a portal to Spider-UK’s dimension, Earth, discovering that it was somehow destroyed. Spider-UK reveals that Incursions between dimensions have been erasing entire realities, including his own, and laments that he wasn’t able to help his fellow corpsmen face the danger. The Earth Spiders console him, reminding him that without his efforts they wouldn’t have stood a chance against the Inheritors.

Silk asks if the Inheritors will be able to survive on Earth without draining the essence of Spider-Totems, and Karn remarks that his family can subsist off the life force of any animal and that Earth is teeming with mutant spiders for them to feed off of. When the main spiders of Earth return home, Silk realized that they had been gone for days and hopes the Fact Channel hasn’t fired her.

Jessica remarks that, as his own boss, Peter doesn’t need to worry about such things. Peter corrects her, stating that for a long time he didn’t feel ready to run his own company, but that after leading the Spider-Army he feels ready for anything. After the battle with the Inheritors, she is currently focused on finding her parents with the resources of the Fact Channel News, while beginning a career of crime-fighting, starting with fighting a new villain named Dragonclaw but finds that their records had been erased.

Unknown to Silk during all this, two mysterious figures are watching her every time she is in the bunker. In her investigations, she fights a skull-like robot created by Hydra and destroys it, but in the process, she runs into her high school boyfriend, who is now engaged. However, Black Cat defeats her again in combat and she is kidnapped by the Repairman , who reveals he works for the people who have her family. She attempts to get information from him, but Black Cat arrived and severely beats him up before he is killed by the collapse of the building.

Silk is then angered by this and attacks Black Cat again, but Black Cat gives her an offer to join her organization. Silk refuses and initially gains the upper hand against Black Cat, but she eventually escapes. During the final incursion, Cindy received information from John Jonah Jameson about a man named James Park, who was involved with the Goblin Nation , and was suspected to be Cindy’s long-lost brother Albert Moon. She goes off to find him, but however due to the incursion, she had to save people from getting killed and injured.

She rushes to the hospital and discovers her brother in Room , and hugs him in a teary goodbye, as Earth and Earth collided, killing them. When the universe returned to life, so did Silk and all of its inhabitants, with no memories of their temporary demise. Over the course of eight months, Cindy got her life back together and she even got promoted, but her parents were still missing and her brother had no memory on what happened to them.

She also started working for Black Cat as a supervillain, but this is revealed to be a cover as she is working with S. During the events in the Spider-Women event, Cindy learns her counterpart from Earth home of Spider-Gwen is the cause of Gwen’s powers, and has traveled to Prime Earth to steal and reverse engineer the technology of the greatest minds of the universe for war mongering.

After Black Cat’s freeing of Silk from a S. Cindy, as a result of her Earth counterpart’s defamation, earns more of Black Cat’s trust to gain deeper intelligence of her criminal operation, still intending to complete her mission and get whatever S. She eventually saved her parents, who were on the Negative Zone looking for a cure to her powers, [27] and, later, she joined her boss on a trip to San Francisco and created a new alias so she could investigate the mysterious New U.

This is only lasted for a mission as, in the end, she returned to her old codename: Spider Physiology: Silk possesses the proportionate powers of a spider, granted to her from an irradiated Common House Spider Achaearanea tepidariorum which bit Cindy Moon that was apparently already mutated from prior exposure to certain frequencies of radiation and received a final, lethal dose during Moon’s attendance of the exhibition.

The radioactive, complex mutagenic enzymes in the spider’s blood that were transferred at the time of the bite triggered numerous body-wide mutagenic changes within Moon, granting her superhuman strength, speed, toughened flesh, and numerous arachnid-like abilities. Unlike Spider-Man, she has less superhuman strength than him, but she also possesses more agility than him and an advanced Spider-Sense far more sensitive than other totems. Gifted-Intelligence [4]. Skating [4].

Silk can lift press about 8 tons. Her Silk-Sense seems to be out of wack. She was alerted one night when a girl was left by friends after a party and was crying. Her sense has also continuously fired off when there seemed to be no immediate danger making it very sensitive to the point where she will ignore it even when she is in direct danger. Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. When I’m like this, call me — Silk!

Retrieved from ” https: Energy Projection. Fighting Skills.

For many people today, dating and preparing for marriage exposes the reality that they have wounds and hang-ups in their lives. Often, these wounds have. With an l to d conversion half-life of ∼ years for silk (B. mori) aspartic acid, the technique is capable of dating silk textiles ranging in age.

Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have changed. We think you’ll like them better this way. Experiences, both good and bad, can shape our thoughts and behavior for years to follow. We all experience times of sadness and times of sheer delight. Light overcomes the dark but at certain points, it can seem hopeless.

The threads don’t lie.

When Cindy Moon was a child, her parents found out that she had an eidetic memory. Her mother wanted Cindy to focus on her studies while Cindy would rather continue playing on her school hockey team with her secret boyfriend, Hector Cervantez. When her mother found out, she was forced to go to the school field trip to General Techtronics and Cin told her she hated her.

2life: your world made better

I’m going to call him Ross in this article, because when discussing matters of the heart, a last name just feels a bit too impersonal. Ross and his lawyer have tried to argue that the electronic journal found on his computer was planted there by some nefarious third party. I wish you were here to comfort me. So, this actually is relevant stuff. What else is in the profile? As far as online dating profiles go, his is one of the less cringeworthy ones I’ve seen.

Author: Maria Beck

A new capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry CE-MS technique is introduced for age estimation of silk textiles based on amino acid racemization rates. Citation data is made available by participants in Crossref’s Cited-by Linking service. For a more comprehensive list of citations to this article, users are encouraged to perform a search in SciFinder. Technical Note. Previous Article. Next Article. Table of Contents. MoiniM si.

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Dating silk by capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry.

Strand for strand no fabric can compare to the luxurious feel, luminosity and sheen of pure silk. Since millennia, the Chinese have been unraveling the cocoons of the silk worm Bombyx mori and weaving the fibers into sumptuous garments, hangings, carpets, tapestries and even artworks of painted silk. Chinese silk textile from the Warring States period B. Metropolitan Museum of Art, www. Measuring this ever changing ratio between the two types of amino acids can reveal the age of a silk sample. Archaeologists and forensic anthropologists have used this process for decades to date bone, shells and teeth, but the techniques used required sizeable samples, which for precious silk objects are almost impossible to obtain.

In the 18th century a gentleman’s rank in society could be discerned from the quality of his house or his clothing – status was declared by the wearing of costly silks, lace or gold thread. Silks woven in the flourishing silk industry of Spitalfields in London and elsewhere were bought by Welsh families and brought to Wales to furnish their homes, dress themselves, and impress their neighbours. They used rich silk furnishings in their home, as described in the inventory of In the same bedroom there were four window curtains of white damask and seven silk cushions matching the bed hangings, all protected by a suite of orange dust covers. In addition, the Morgans dressed themselves in the finest and most fashionable woven damasks and brocaded silks, some of which are now housed at St Fagans National History Museum, donated in by Lord Tredegar.

Strand for strand no fabric can compare to the luxurious feel, luminosity and sheen of pure silk. Since millennia, the Chinese have been unraveling the cocoons of the silk worm Bombyx mori and weaving the fibers into sumptuous garments, hangings, carpets, tapestries and even artworks of painted silk. Now, for the first time, scientists at the Smithsonian’s Museum Conservation Institute have developed a fast and reliable method to date silk. This new technique, which is based on capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry, has great potential to improve the authentication and dating of the priceless silk artifacts held in museum and other collections around the world. The new method uses the natural deterioration of the silk’s amino acids–a process known as racemization–to determine its age. As time goes by, the abundance of the L-amino acids used in the creation of the silk protein decreases while the abundance of D-amino acids associated with the silk’s deterioration increases. Measuring this ever-changing ratio between the two types of amino acids can reveal the age of a silk sample.

The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes that connected the East and West. It was central to cultural interaction between the regions for many centuries. Diseases, most notably plague , also spread along the Silk Road. The Indian portion is on the tentative site list. The Silk Road derives its name from the lucrative Asian silk , [10] [11] a major reason for the connection of trade routes into an extensive transcontinental network. Use of the term ‘Silk Road’ is not without its detractors. For instance, Warwick Ball contends that the maritime spice trade with India and Arabia was far more consequential for the economy of the Roman Empire than the silk trade with China , which at sea was conducted mostly through India and on land was handled by numerous intermediaries such as the Sogdians.

For many people today, dating and preparing for marriage exposes the reality that they have wounds and hang-ups in their lives. I saw this firsthand in a young woman named Julia. At age fifteen, Julia lost her father to cancer. This heartbreaking loss taught her the lie that she needed to put up walls to protect herself from the pain of losing loved ones in the future. From there, Julia and I went to work to discover just what was holding her back from being able to practice healthy vulnerability and demonstrate love. We covered 4 steps that are crucial for anyone who needs to recover from broken relationships and wounds of the past and build new, healthy relationships. Join me on the blog today as I walk through these steps with you.

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