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A Latino Dating Site Will Help You Find the Most Beautiful Date for You

Migration , Gender , Human Rights. In recent decades, international marriage migration has become an increasingly prominent trend in the East Asian region. Gender and socio-economic class backgrounds play a key role in this type of migration. In general terms, women from lower-income countries in Asia, such as Viet Nam, the Philippines and Indonesia, migrate to marry men from higher-income countries in the region such as the Republic of Korea, Japan, and Chinese Taipei Taiwan — all places where international marriages have increased.[rs_table_products tableName=”Best Dating Websites”]

Until a few decades ago, however, marriage migration was virtually non-existent in the region. Japan was the first country to receive brides from South-East Asia in the s, followed by Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. Most East Asian countries have applied profoundly restrictive immigration policies in efforts to preserve a certain cultural and ethnic uniformity within their borders. Such policies have frequently been used to prevent the entry of migrant workers to labour markets, or restrict employment to a temporary basis.

Marriage has been regarded as one of the only means for a foreign-born national to obtain citizenship or long-term residence in these societies. Within this context, marriage migration is perceived as a way of finding a better life, and an opportunity to achieve self-empowerment and independence. It should also be taken into account that while many women from South-East Asia experience social pressures to get married, they also migrate for marriage to financially support their families in their home countries through remittances.

At the same time, due to significant demographic and social transformations in the receiving societies, a number of men are turning to agencies to contract international marriages. A large proportion of international marriages in Asia are organised through commercial brokers. There are also cases in which the process is less structured, involving informal social networks. However, the increasing number of women in South-East Asia engaging with such matchmaking agencies has brought about serious dilemmas and concerns.

Migrant brides are portrayed as victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, and marriage brokers are represented as exploiters and abusers of these women. In response to this situation, most countries from East Asia have started restricting marriage migration. Other countries, instead, have directly banned the operation of commercial matchmaking agencies, as is the case of the Philippines , Viet Nam , Cambodia and Taiwan For them, these businesses were the main cause behind the exploitation and trafficking of migrant brides.

Due to domestic and international pressure, Taiwan progressively changed its policy direction from regulation of commercial marriage agencies to their eventual ban in Consequently, more than registered brokering companies were closed down, leaving only 41 non-profit transnational matchmaking organisations in operation. While the proportion of marriages of Taiwanese men to migrant brides has fallen sharply , the number of foreign-born spouses in the country continues to be significant.

In many cases, commercial matchmaking agencies have simply changed their location or continued their practices in another, often more covert form. For instance, migrant brides can opt to go to other countries instead, such as the Republic of Korea or Singapore, where these businesses are regulated in a less restricted manner. The prohibition of commercial agencies in the country does not seem to solve the problems migrant brides encounter, nor does it substantially decrease the demand for matchmaking services.

Instead, this measure pushes these businesses to the underground market where they remain unmonitored. It is precisely this lack of legal grounding that makes these brides more vulnerable. Similarly, by reducing safe channels of migration, women become more susceptible to exploitation by traffickers or smugglers. A number of societies have witnessed on more than one occasion how stricter immigration controls, instead of preventing human trafficking, have enhanced its proliferation.

The diverse contexts in which women embark on marriage migration should therefore be considered in any related policymaking processes, especially when cases of human trafficking or domestic violence have been identified. With this in mind the International Organization for Migration has advocated for a regulatory approach rather than an absolute ban with the added requirement that agencies are held legally responsible for providing accurate information to the potential bride and groom.

The popular portrayal of migrant brides as victims with little or no power therefore appears to narrow. Potential brides should not be treated as incapable of understanding and evaluating potential risk beforehand. Within the new households to which they move, women often manage to negotiate a space for themselves through which they may pursue their own aspirations. For example, there are cases where the woman finds work outside of the home and sends remittances to her family in her country of origin.

Moreover, female marriage migrants frequently take the initiative to challenge local perceptions and negative stereotypes, as well as structures of discrimination. Indeed, migrant brides may also be important cultural intermediaries between families and the wider neighbourhoods and societies within which they live. Migrant brides continuously negotiate with brokers and arrange their journeys in cooperation with them. Scholars have critiqued the general perception that any commodification of love or intimacy means exploitation.

Although matchmaking very often involves material exchanges, this does not mean that all prospective brides engaged with such agencies will suffer abuse or trafficking. There are indeed empowering possibilities for both men and women within this sector. Therefore, the dead-end discourse of portraying foreign brides as either passive victims or active subjects seems inappropriate. Rather, a more nuanced approach and a recognition that their life trajectories are not static, will help in the formulation of more relevant policies.

Yet within this context, we also see that the binary distinctions often made between freedom and coercion, and empowerment and subjugation become increasingly blurred. Even though the risks and obstacles in this journey may be plentiful, these women still choose marriage migration as a manner to access better opportunities in life.

Instead of judging their morality, the focus should be how the commodification of intimate relations is understood and experienced by those involved in such relationships and processes. The structural factors behind the vulnerability of these women should be addressed. Finally, media and education should be considered as key tools in order to remove prejudices and stereotypical images of migrant brides and promote intercultural dialogue.

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Singapore’s Vietnamese Wife Matchmaking Agency. ID: Name: MISS NGUYEN Awaiting in Spore, ID: Name: Miss Vo Awaiting in Spore, ID: Name: miss phuong, ID: Name: MISS.

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I’ve been asked to arrange sham marriages: Matchmaker

Mr Yap Hock Soon is 53 and his wife is But looking at them, you’d think that such a wide age gap is no barrier to love. They are affectionate to each other. Nov 13, In the past few years, some of the Vietnamese husband seekers have not made it past immigration checks at Changi Airport, say matchmakers. These agents make a loss on every woman denied entry into Singapore and put on a plane back to Vietnam,.

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Migration , Gender , Human Rights.

In today’s edition of the Global Times , the Chinese English-language newspaper tells us “Vietnam’s mail-order bride business is booming. But the story, and the controversy surrounding international marriage migration in Vietnam, reminded me of my time in the country. Although cross-border migration between countries of the region has existed for centuries, the mids saw a rapid uptick in the number of Vietnamese women marrying foreign men from countries around East and Southeast Asia.

Disappointed Viet brides dump S’pore hubbies

Salt Lake City — Gov. Gary R. Herbert led a delegation of 20 Utah companies on a trade mission to Singapore and Vietnam this week. Singapore and Vietnam are key gateway regions for companies interested in doing business in Asia. There is a lot of overlap in targeted industries in Utah and these countries, so the opportunities for collaboration are plentiful. Ten of the private companies that attended the trade mission participated in Gold Key business matchmaking services facilitated by the U. Commercial Service. This connected Utah companies with potential clients and partners in Singapore and Vietnam. The contacts made during the trade mission will help these Utah companies to grow in the Asian market. Many Utah companies already do business in Singapore and Vietnam.

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But some matchmade Viet brides have no qualms about dumping their men and making a quick U-turn if things are not right. They’re even prepared to endure shame when they return home without hubby in tow. For every cases of matchmade couples involving Vietnamese women and Singaporean men, at least three brides initiate breakups, said a matchmaking agency here. An inability to adjust to the lifestyle here, as well as the language barrier can sometimes push these women to the brink, said Mr Mark Lin, managing director of Vietnam Brides International Matchmaker. He said: Some men and women also get cold feet and change their minds at the last minute about getting hitched, he added.

Vietnam match making agency: good idea or not

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