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  • Dean Uses a Dating App on ‘Supernatural,’ So Let’s Make Tinder Profiles for Our Favorite Characters
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  • Dean on the dating app
  • Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7: Dean on a Dating App? Where to Watch Girls, Girls, Girls Online
  • Girls, Girls, Girls
  • Should You Date Sam Or Dean Winchester From “Supernatural”?

If there’s one thing I know for sure about Supernatural , it’s that the show is an expert at making fun of itself and different phenomenons that are currently taking over the world. Its latest target? The wonderfully weird and twisted world of dating apps. Somehow, witches configure into this dating app idea, as does the idea of selling people. But I’m not going to dwell on that.

Shaylene Johnson

Dean waited for his and Sam’s food, absentmindedly watching one of the kids behind the counter playing with his phone. You know, we’ve been talking. Gonna grab a drink later. See where it goes. Dean grabbed the kid’s phone and took a better look. The woman was hot, dressed nice; her name was Chrissie and her profile said, “Not looking for anything serious. But if not, there’re ladies there for the other thing too. Well, good luck buddy”, Dean said, smirking as he walked out. Then just before he got to the door he turned, “Hey, what was that app called?[rs_table_products tableName=”Best Dating Websites”]

Dean lay on the couch as Sam sat in the chair, nose buried in some book as usual. Braveheart was blaring on the TV. It was Dean’s favourite movie but his attention was elsewhere. He’d downloaded the Crushbook phone app and was scrolling through the profiles, mind being blown. This had to be too good to be true, right? All these women, not looking for anything serious? Sure, some were searching for their very own Mr. Right, but a lot were just looking for a bit of fun.

Why had Dean never known about this? This magical world of available women! He lay there, phone on his chest gazing into space, thinking. Wonder what would happen if he put a profile up, wonder if he’d get any interest. He knew he wasn’t ugly, he’d seen how chicks looked at him, might be worth a shot. Sam looked up from his book, glanced at Dean, then at the TV, “Dude, the movie’s not even half way through.

I’ll catch the end another time. Not like I haven’t seen it. Sam checked his watch. Need your rest grandpa? An early night wouldn’t kill you once in a while; you’ve got bags on your bags. Dean grabbed a quick shower before heading to his room. He rubbed a towel over his wet hair and tossed it on the floor. He grabbed a notepad and pen and dropped onto his bed, pillows propped up behind him. His tongue poked out the corner of his mouth in concentration.

The site said that he needed to write a profile, describe himself, his interests and what he was looking for in a partner. It said to be specific. He smirked to himself, “How specific? That’s just stupid”, he said out loud to no one. He tore the page off and tossed it on the floor. Likes classic rock, classic cars and classic women “Aww geeze. He stared at his phone. Could he actually put that? The app did say to be honest. That was pretty honest.

Pretty much described him. Little Bit Demon. He quickly hit delete before he had time to think about that one too much. The Perfect 10 inches “Well they said to be honest. This was harder than he thought it would be! Dean got up and tiptoed down the hall to the kitchen to get a beer. The TV was still blaring and as he snuck past the doorway, he could see Sam still lost in whatever book he was currently devouring. He got to the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge.

On his way back out, Dean saw his car keys hanging on a hook, and smiled to himself. Dean flicked through his phone to see if there was anything he could use…but he only had 3 photos of himself, one with Sheriff Mills, one wearing bunny slippers thanks Sam , and one Crowley must have taken of Dean singing karaoke…which he quickly deleted. He grabbed his phone and tiptoed back out of his room to the bathroom, securely locking the door behind him. He stood in front of the mirror, held his phone up and snapped a photo.

Under that light, he looked like a serial killer or something and the toilet block behind him wasn’t helluva attractive. He headed back to his room to attempt a selfie. He propped himself up on his bed, put the phone out in front of him and took a snap. This time he looked like a male hooker or something, lounging on the bed in a t-shirt and boxer briefs. He stood up, casually leaned against his shelves and tried again.

Great, a wall full of weapons, now he really did look like a serial killer! If he was going to get a decent photo, he was going to have to plan something, and he was going to have to do it without Sam noticing. He dropped back on to his bed in frustration. Dean woke up and looked at his watch, it was only 7am. Sammy was a sleeper, he knew his brother wouldn’t be up for a few hours so he decided to take advantage of this small window of privacy. He took a quick shower, dried his hair, ran some product through the front, taking about 5 minutes longer than usual to make sure it looked good, nodded to himself and headed back to his room.

He pulled on a black t-shirt, his best jeans, the ones with least holes and stains, and his boots. He took one last look in the mirror…he looked pretty good, even if he said so himself! He tiptoed down the hall via the kitchen, grabbed his keys and snuck up the stairs and out the door, closing it as silently as possible behind him.

He slid into the Impala driver’s seat and released the parking break, rolling the car a little ways down the dirt road outside the bunker before starting her engine. There was a quiet, leafy area a couple of minutes away that he thought would be nice and private and would make a cool location for the photo he had in mind. When he got to the little wooded area, he pulled the car up onto the grass and hopped out.

He looked around, no one was about, it was safe. He saw a rock he thought would be perfect to set his phone down on. He propped it up with some stones behind it and looked through the viewfinder. It was all sky. Dean scratched his head and tried to position the phone again. This time he just got the Impala’s tires. One more try. Okay, this time he got the bonnet. He set the camera timer and quickly walked back to the car, leaned on the hood and smiled.

He waited until he figured the photo had taken, walked back to the phone, picked it up and checked the photo reel…it was a lovely shot of his butt walking away. He couldn’t say he didn’t look good in those jeans, but it wasn’t quite what he was after. He was going to have to run from the phone to the car! Dean set the phone down again, lined up the shot, set the timer and dashed!

He leant back on the hood and smiled. Then walked back and checked his phone again. This time it was an awkward photo of him with his leg half on half off the car and a weird look on his face. He dropped onto the grass and huffed. This was never going to work. I, um, wanna send a photo to my, um, mmmmother and I was trying to do a self-timer one but it turned out like crap. Would you mind? Dean sat in the Impala and quickly uploaded the photo to his profile on the Crushbook app.

Nothing happened. He double-checked his profile was on the site. Yep, it was there. He sat staring at his phone, willing it to ding. Still nothing. He sighed, tossed the phone on to the seat beside him with a grump, and headed back to the bunker, grabbing a couple of coffees on the way as cover. By the time Dean went to bed he was depressed.

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Supernatural dating site.

A young lady is chased down an alley by Raul. He catches her and she begs him not to hurt her, promising to come back. He grabs her, and she stabs him in the eye with one of her high heels.

Dean on the dating app

Shaylene Johnson is a young woman who worked at Raul’s Girls. Shaylene was a young woman who, as part of Raul ‘s plan to get soul numbers up following the war with Abaddon , was abducted and forced into prostitution. Unlike the other members of Raul’s Girls , Shaylene didn’t work from Raul’s brothel but rather through a dating app. Once Shaylene found a man, she’d have them sign a deal with a pimp demon before sleeping with them. While looking for a hookup, hunter Dean Winchester stumbled across Shaylene on the dating app and set up a date to sleep with her. Before sleeping with Dean, Shaylene made her usual pitch about signing away his soul and Dean realized what was going on along with the fact that Shaylene wasn’t happy with what she was doing.

Dean Uses a Dating App on ‘Supernatural,’ So Let’s Make Tinder Profiles for Our Favorite Characters

It doesn’t clog your arteries like those. I got matched with. And I. Though I think he was shocked by her personality at first. I don’t think he’ll care that. I didn’t tell him until after though. Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers:

Dean meets Anna during the fourth season, and protects her from angels and demons and soon discovers that she is an angel herself. Anna is empathetic and sympathetic towards Dean for his undeserved suffering within Hell, and he feels he can relate to her unease of taking orders from an absent father.

Dean waited for his and Sam’s food, absentmindedly watching one of the kids behind the counter playing with his phone. You know, we’ve been talking. Gonna grab a drink later. See where it goes.

Dean’s Relationships

Отпусти.  – Голос послышался совсем. – Ни за. Ты же меня прихлопнешь. – Я никого не собираюсь убивать. – Что ты говоришь. Расскажи это Чатрукьяну. Стратмор подошел ближе. – Чатрукьян мертв. – Да неужели. Ты сам его и убил. Я все .

Dean on the dating app

Само здание также было гигантских размеров – его площадь составляла более двух миллионов квадратных футов, вдвое больше площади штаб-квартиры ЦРУ. Внутри было протянуто восемь миллионов футов телефонного кабеля, общая площадь постоянно закрытых окон составляла восемьдесят тысяч квадратных футов. Сьюзан рассказала Дэвиду про КОМИ НТ, подразделение глобальной разведки, в распоряжении которого находилось немыслимое количество постов прослушивания, спутников-шпионов и подслушивающих устройств по всему земному шару.

Ежедневно тысячи сообщений и разговоров перехватывались и посылались экспертам АНБ для дешифровки. Разведданные, поставляемые агентством, влияли на процесс принятия решений ФБР, ЦРУ, а также внешнеполитическими советниками правительства США. Беккер был потрясен. – А как насчет вскрытия шифров.

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7: Dean on a Dating App? Where to Watch Girls, Girls, Girls Online

Сьюзан взглянула на адресную строку сообщения. FROM: CHALECRYPTO. NSA. GOV Гнев захлестнул ее, но она сдержалась и спокойно стерла сообщение. – Очень умно, Грег. – Там подают отличный карпаччо.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Беккер пожал плечами и вгляделся в надпись. – Да, их тут немало. – Я что-то не понимаю, – вмешался Фонтейн.  – Чего мы медлим. – Сэр, – удивленно произнесла Сьюзан, – просто это очень… – Да, да, – поддержал ее Джабба.

Should You Date Sam Or Dean Winchester From “Supernatural”?

Он распорядился установить жучок в личном компьютере Стратмора – чтобы контролировать его электронную почту, его внутриведомственную переписку, а также мозговые штурмы, которые тот время от времени предпринимал. Если Стратмор окажется на грани срыва, директор заметит первые симптомы. Но вместо признаков срыва Фонтейн обнаружил подготовительную работу над беспрецедентной разведывательной операцией, которую только можно было себе представить.

Неудивительно, что Стратмор просиживает штаны на работе. Если он сумеет реализовать свой замысел, это стократно компенсирует провал Попрыгунчика.

– Наверное, увидел включенный монитор. – Черт возьми! – выругался коммандер.  – Вчера вечером я специально позвонил дежурному лаборатории систем безопасности и попросил его сегодня не выходить на работу. Сьюзан это не удивило. Она не могла припомнить, чтобы когда-то отменялось дежурство, но Стратмор, очевидно, не хотел присутствия непосвященных.

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