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Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks?

West Africa

West Africa is the westernmost region of Africa. Studies of human mitochondrial DNA suggest that all humans share common ancestors from Africa , originated in the southwestern regions near the coastal border of Namibia and Angola at the approximate coordinates A particular haplogroup of DNA, haplogroup L2 , evolved between 87, and , years ago [9] or approx. Most of its subclades are largely confined to West and western-Central Africa.[rs_table_products tableName=”Best Dating Websites”]

Because of the large numbers of West Africans enslaved in the Atlantic slave trade , most African Americans , Afro Latin Americans and Black Caribbeans are likely to have mixed ancestry from different regions of western Africa. The history of West Africa can be divided into five major periods: Early human settlers from northern Holocene societies arrived in West Africa around 12, B. The Tenerian , who were a more lightly built people that hunted, fished and herded cattle, lived during the latter part of the green Sahara approximately 7, to 4, years ago.

Sedentary farming began in, or around the fifth millennium B. C, as well as the domestication of cattle. By B. C, ironworking technology allowed an expansion of agricultural productivity, and the first city-states later formed. Northern tribes developed walled settlements and non-walled settlements that numbered at In the forest region, Iron Age cultures began to flourish, and an inter-region trade began to appear. The desertification of the Sahara and the climatic change of the coast cause trade with upper Mediterranean peoples to be seen.

The domestication of the camel allowed the development of a trans-Saharan trade with cultures across the Sahara , including Carthage and the Berbers ; major exports included gold , cotton cloth, metal ornaments, iron, and leather goods, which were then exchanged for salt , horses , textiles, and other such materials.

Local leather, cloth, and gold also contributed to the abundance of prosperity for many of the following empires. The development of the region’s economy allowed more centralized states and civilizations to form, beginning with Dhar Tichitt that began in B. This was then succeeded by the Ghana Empire that first flourished between the 9th and 12th centuries, which later gave way to the Mali Empire.

In current-day Mauritania, there exist archaeological sites in the towns of Tichit and Oualata that were initially constructed around B. Three great kingdoms were identified in Bilad al-Sudan by the ninth century. They included Ghana, Gao and Kanem. The Sosso Empire sought to fill the void, but was defeated c. The Mali Empire continued to flourish for several centuries, most particularly under Sundiata’s grandnephew Musa I , before a succession of weak rulers led to its collapse under Mossi , Tuareg and Songhai invaders.

In the 15th century, the Songhai would form a new dominant state based on Gao , in the Songhai Empire , under the leadership of Sonni Ali and Askia Mohammed. Meanwhile, south of the Sudan, strong city states arose in Igboland , such as the 10th-century Kingdom of Nri , which helped birth the arts and customs of the Igbo people , Bono in the 12th century, which eventually culminated in the formation the all-powerful Akan Empire of Ashanti , while Ife rose to prominence around the 14th century.

Further east, Oyo arose as the dominant Yoruba state and the Aro Confederacy as a dominant Igbo state in modern-day Nigeria. The Kingdom of Nri was a West African medieval state in the present-day southeastern Nigeria and a subgroup of the Igbo people. The Kingdom of Nri was unusual in the history of world government in that its leader exercised no military power over his subjects. The kingdom existed as a sphere of religious and political influence over a third of Igboland and was administered by a priest-king called as an Eze Nri.

The Eze Nri managed trade and diplomacy on behalf of the Nri people and possessed divine authority in religious matters. Established in the 15th century, the Oyo Empire grew to become one of the largest West African states. It rose through the outstanding organizational skills of the Yoruba, wealth gained from trade and its powerful cavalry.

The Oyo Empire was the most politically important state in the region from the midth to the late 18th century, holding sway not only over most of the other kingdoms in Yorubaland , but also over nearby African states, notably the Fon Kingdom of Dahomey in the modern Republic of Benin to the west. The Benin Empire was a pre- colonial empire located in what is now southern Nigeria. Its capital was Edo, now known as Benin City , Edo.

It should not be confused with the modern-day country called Benin , formerly called Dahomey. The Benin Empire was “one of the oldest and most highly developed states in the coastal hinterland of West Africa, dating perhaps to the eleventh century CE”,. The Benin Empire was governed by a sovereign Emperor with hundreds of thousands of soldiers and a powerful council rich in resources, wealth, ancient science and technology with cities described as beautiful and large as Haarlem.

Its craft was the most adored and treasured bronze casting in the history of Africa. It was annexed by the British Empire in during the invasion and scramble of Africa. Portuguese traders began establishing settlements along the coast in , followed by the French , British, Spanish, Danish and Dutch ; the African slave trade began not long after, which over the following centuries would debilitate the region’s economy and population.

The slave trade also encouraged the formation of states such as the Asante Empire , Bambara Empire and Dahomey , whose economic activities include but not limited to exchanging slaves for European firearms. In the early 19th century, a series of Fulani reformist jihads swept across Western Africa. However, the French and British continued to advance in the Scramble for Africa , subjugating kingdom after kingdom.

With the fall of Samory Ture’s new-founded Wassoulou Empire in and the Ashanti queen Yaa Asantewaa in , most West African military resistance to colonial rule resulted in failure. Leaving, however, an effect on the development of the states. Part of the West-African regions underwent an increase in the numeracy level throughout the 19th century. The reason for such a growth was predetermined by a number of factors. Namely, the peanut production and trade, which was boosted by the demand of the colonial states.

Importantly, the rise of the numeracy was higher in the regions which were less hierarchical and had less dependent from the slavery trade e. Sine and Salum. Whereas areas with the opposite trends illustrated opposite tendencies e. Those patterns were further even more stimulated with the French colonial campaign [17]. Only Liberia retained its independence, at the price of major territorial concessions. Since independence, many West African nations have been submerged under political instability, with notable civil wars in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Ivory Coast, and a succession of military coups in Ghana and Burkina Faso.

Since the end of colonialism, the region has been the stage for some brutal conflicts, including:. The Economic Community of West African States , established in May , has defined the region of West Africa since as including the following 15 states: Geopolitically , the United Nations definition of Western Africa includes the preceding states with the addition of Mauritania which withdrew from ECOWAS in , comprising an area of approximately 6. Before European colonisation , West African countries such as those from the Senegambia region Senegal and the Gambia used to have a diverse wildlife including lions , hippopotamus , elephants , antelopes , leopards etc.

By the turn of the 20th-century, the Senegambia region lost most of its lion population and other exotic animals due to poaching. By the s, the Gambian elephant population became extinct. That phenomenon was not only limited to the Senegambia region but affected much of West African as the region lost much of its “natural resources once tied so closely to its cultural identity. Poaching has stolen most of its wildlife.

Although a small number of elephants survived in Nigeria, hunting, agricultural expansion and clearing of forest in that country drastically affected its wildlife population, particularly elephants. Despite the historical damage that has been done to the region’s wildlife populations, there are still some protected nature reserves within the region. Some of these include:. West Africa is also home to several baobab trees and other plant life.

Some baobab trees are several centuries old and form part of the local folklore for example a mythical baobab tree named Ngoye njuli in Senegal which is regarded as a sacred site by the Serer. The tree itself is rather majestic and looks like a huge phallus and a deformed animal or thing is protruding from it.

It is said to be the dwelling place of a pangool. Ngoye njuli is protected by the Senegalese authorities and attracts visitors. In West Africa, as in other parts of Africa where the baobab tree is found, the leaves are mixed with couscous and eaten, the bark of the tree is used to make ropes, and the fruit and seeds used for drinks and oils. West Africa is greatly affected by deforestation , and has one of worst deforestation rate.

Mangroves are being killed off by pollution. Even wispy acacias are hacked away for use in cooking fires to feed growing families. Causes include logging, subsistence agriculture , and the collection of fuel wood. According to a ThoughtCo publication authored Steve Nix , almost 90 percent of West Africa’s original rainforest has been destroyed, and the rest “heavily fragmented and in a degraded state, being poorly used.

The vast majority of this land is plains lying less than meters above sea level, though isolated high points exist in numerous states along the southern shore of West Africa. The northern section of West Africa narrowly defined to exclude the western Maghreb is composed of semi-arid terrain known as Sahel , a transitional zone between the Sahara and the savannahs of the western Sudan. The northwest African region of Mauritania periodically suffers country-wide plagues of locusts which consume water, salt and crops on which the human population relies.

Colonial boundaries are reflected in the modern boundaries between contemporary West African states, cutting across ethnic and cultural lines, often dividing single ethnic groups between two or more states. The Trans—West African Coastal Highway is a transnational highway project to link 12 West African coastal states, from Mauritania in the north-west of the region to Nigeria in the east, with feeder roads already existing to two landlocked countries, Mali and Burkina Faso.

The eastern end of the highway terminates at Lagos , Nigeria. Of the sixteen, the most important hub and entry point to West Africa is Kotoka International Airport , and Murtala Muhammed International Airport , offering many international connections. Despite the wide variety of cultures in West Africa, from Nigeria through to Senegal , there are general similarities in dress , cuisine , music and culture that are not shared extensively with groups outside the geographic region.

This long history of cultural exchange predates the colonization era of the region and can be approximately placed at the time of the Ghana Empire proper: Wagadou Empire , Mali Empire or perhaps before these empires. The main traditional styles of building in conjunction with modern styles are the distinct Sudano-Sahelian style in inland areas, and the coastal forest styles more reminiscent of other sub-Saharan areas.

They differ greatly in construction due to the demands made by the variety of climates in the area, from tropical humid forests to arid grasslands and desert. Despite the architectural differences, buildings perform similar functions, including the compound structure central to West African family life or strict distinction between the private and public worlds needed to maintain taboos or social etiquette.

In contrast to other parts of the continent south of the Sahara Desert , the concepts of hemming and embroidering clothing have been traditionally common to West Africa for centuries, demonstrated by the production of various breeches , shirts , tunics and jackets. As a result, the peoples of the region’s diverse nations wear a wide variety of clothing with underlying similarities.

Typical pieces of west African formal attire include the knee-to-ankle-length, flowing Boubou robe, Dashiki , and Senegalese Kaftan also known as Agbada and Babariga , which has its origins in the clothing of nobility of various West African empires in the 12th century. Traditional half-sleeved, hip-long, woven smocks or tunics known as fugu in Gurunsi, riga in Hausa — worn over a pair of baggy trousers—is another popular garment. The best-known of these toga-like garments is the Kente made by the Akan people of Ghana and Ivory Coast , who wear them as a gesture of national pride.

Scores of foreign visitors to West African nations e. West African cuisines have had a significant influence on those of Western civilization for centuries; several dishes of West African origin are currently enjoyed in the Caribbean e. Although some of these recipes have been altered to suit the sensibilities of their adopters, they retain a distinct West African essence.

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Africa has the world’s oldest record of human technological achievement: The history of science and technology in Africa since then has, however, received relatively little attention compared to other regions of the world, despite notable African developments in mathematics , metallurgy , architecture , and other fields. The Great Rift Valley of Africa provides critical evidence for the evolution of early hominins.

The majority of internet users in Africa access the internet on their mobile phones. The trend has led to thousands of mobile applications.

This is a point noted by almost anyone who has visited Ghana, and dating a Ghanaian will bring you into the orbit of even more friendly and sociable people. Parties, weddings and even funerals are an occasion to mingle, meet new people and make new friends while sharing a lot of belly laughs.

Top 10 Dating Apps in Africa

Africa is a continent with an incredibly rich history. Mail order brides and mail order brides websites have been around for a while, but very few men have considered African ladies as potential wives. African mail order brides are some of the most exotic and loving women in the world. Mostly because dating websites in Africa are much rarer than the same websites in the rest of the world. Due to this, less beautiful women are receiving the exposure they deserve.

Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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West Africa is the westernmost region of Africa. Studies of human mitochondrial DNA suggest that all humans share common ancestors from Africa , originated in the southwestern regions near the coastal border of Namibia and Angola at the approximate coordinates

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Top 10 Dating Apps in Africa

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Meet the scammers: Could this be your online lover?

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West african dating sites

Scam Warning Signs. While most African singles looking for a date online are genuine, it cannot be denied that many online dating scams originate in African nations such as Nigeria, Ghana or Ivory Coast due to the low per capita income, high rates of unemployment, high rates of corruption and ineffective policing in these areas. The money extracted from victims in North America, Europe and Australia translates to huge fortunes for the scammers who are willing to put weeks or months of work into getting a good payout. Both men and women are targets. Many scammers are well educated and all are heartless so read on for common African online dating scams and protect yourself.

African mail order brides: exotic love

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History of science and technology in Africa

Updated February 11, These are the foot soldiers in a global scamming enterprise that’s breaking hearts and stealing billions of dollars. In a tiny flat in Ghana, in west Africa, an aspiring entrepreneur trawls Facebook for divorced and widowed women on the other side of the world. The year-old, who calls himself Kweiku, is searching for ‘clients’ — scammer parlance for victims who can be conned online into sending money. Kweiku sells perfume on the streets of Ghana’s capital, Accra, to maintain a meagre income between Western Union transfers from a woman he seduces online.

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